Two New Novels: The Defeated Saintess & Loser System
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Two New Novels: The Defeated Saintess & Loser System

Heyo everyone, we have two new novels on HostedNovel from @jacha and @starvecleric


From @jacha, we have The Defeated Saintess Is On a Journey To Tame the Evil God.

Watch as Xing Mo the Saint(ess) struggles to oppose the Evil God, only for her antics to expand the Evil God's church more and more...


Year 3154, after the failure to suppress the Evil God, undercurrents surged in the Citadel and panic spread.
I was captured by the Evil God and became a Saintess…

When I saw my new self in the mirror, my face turned ashen at once.

"Become my servant… Mr. Saint... hmm... should I call you Ms. Saintess now?" The little Evil God smiled, the outline of the Citadel of Academia reflecting in her blood-red eyes.

Are you kidding me?! There is no way I, Xing Mo, a guardian of the Citadel, would help you, an Outer God, infiltrate our city!
Do you think that by turning me into a beautiful girl and branding me, I will be easily corrupted? I am the Goddess's... ah!


The following day, I endured the humiliation of putting on a skirt. I helped the Young Ancestor to infiltrate the Citadel, all the while secretly plotting to take down the hateful loli Evil God…

Just you wait! Watch me as I tame you and make you yield to me!

But… why am I making the little Evil God's church grow bigger?
Why do you guys worship me?
Stop calling me Saintess!


And from @starvecleric, we have Loser System and Berserker Me!

Follow our cute little Femme Fatale System, as it helps Shu Yichao conquer beautiful femme fatales all over the world.

Wait, what? Why is our protagonist killing off the love interests instead?