Chapter 5.2: What Decadent Morals! (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 5.2: What Decadent Morals! (2/2)

She Tianba immediately looked toward the two cages.

Inside the cages were Wang Ke's two cousin sisters, leaning strengthless against the metal bars as if drugged.

Although She Tianba had heard much about them, it was his first time seeing the big cousin sister. One glance made his scalp immediately go numb when he saw her beard stubble.

Despite his subordinates' insistence that this Princess Youyue was ugly, he had yet to witness it. But the sight of her really burned his eyes!

"Clan Lord, it's her. She's Princess Youyue!" a She Clan member cried out, pointing at the bearded woman.

"Clan Lord Wang, this one... This..." She Tianba's eyelids unstoppably twitched as he spoke, "This Princess Youyue really has a unique look!”

"I know, right! No wonder the Golden Crow Sect didn’t provide her portrait in the bounty!" Wang Ke nodded.

She Tianba gazed at Wang Ke and asked, "How can you be this sure that she’s the real one? What if you caught a fake one?"

"Fake? Impossible!" Wang Ke replied confidently.


Wang Ke smiled, but he refrained from elaborating on the matter.

"Clan Lord Wang, you’ve already captured her. Can you tell us how you caught her so we can learn from you?" She Tianba asked, unwilling to give up.

Wang Ke took a glance at She Tianba before sighing, "Okay, since Clan Lord She is asking, I shall abide. The others don't know it yet!”


"Look at the person in the other cage!" Wang Ke pointed toward his little cousin sister.

The group looked over in confusion. One of the She Clan members said, "I've heard about her! She is Princess Youyue's maidservant! This is so awkward. Princess Youyue's maidservant is so pretty, but the princess herself…!”

"You’re right. Sigh. It seems like my servants have leaked this by accident. You guys already know it… Yes, that's her maidservant! We caught her first! Then we threatened her. She betrayed Princess Youyue by revealing her master's position to us. This is how we caught her with such ease! If not, who would have thought Princess Youyue would look like this? Haha!" Wang Ke laughed.

“What do you mean?” She Tianba asked curiously.

"Actually, Princess Youyue and her followers knew about the Golden Crow Sect's bounty. Her seven maidservants split up and went in different directions to protect Princess Youyue; each of them taking two guards along. Every maidservant pretended to be Princess Youyue to confuse any attempt to track the real princess. It would be okay even if they were caught because they were all fake. This was done so that the real princess could make a safe getaway!” Wang Ke explained.

“What?” There were seven fake princesses?” She Tianba was in shock.

“Yes. I only caught one of them at first. What a pity. This maidservant wasn't very loyal to her master; she told me everything shortly after her capture. She even guided us to catch the real Princess Youyue! Hahaha! What luck! Actually, I really need to thank her!” Wang Ke laughed.

She Tianba and his subordinates’ faces instantly turned grim because they realized something after hearing Wang Ke’s explanation. The princess they had caught was merely a maidservant of the bearded Princess Youyue before him. That maidservant was extremely loyal; she didn't betray her master despite having been caught.

Both anger and fear flashed in She Tianba’s eyes.

“Clan Lord She, what’s wrong?” Wang Ke asked, intrigued.

She Tianba stared at Wang Ke and asked, “Clan Lord Wang, have you interrogated Princess Youyue to see whether she’s lying? Why not torture her to find out the truth? What if she’s still deceiving you?”

“Interrogate with torture? You think I dare?” Wang Ke replied immediately.

“Uhh?” She Tianba was still clueless.

Wang Ke shook his head and said, “The Golden Crow Sect wanted to capture her alive. What if all this has to do with the infatuation of one of their adept cultivators? What if he wants to keep her as his disciple so that they can end up as immortal lovers? What if I offend Princess Youyue and she comes back for revenge when she gains power?”

She Tianba’s face froze. All She Clan members looked toward the big cousin sister with weird expressions. With such looks, is there really anyone who wants to become her immortal lover?Is he blind?

Wang Ke shook his head upon seeing their aversion towards that idea, then continued by saying, “To each his own. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You don’t like Princess Youyue, but won’t there be someone out there who really likes her? I don’t want to get in trouble!”

She Tianba: “...”

“But you’ve killed a bunch of her subordinates!” a She Clan disciple retorted.

“It’s okay. Once people from the Golden Crow Sect arrive, I will then become one of its disciples. I should be able to protect myself with my new status,” Wang Ke explained.

The group of She Clan members fell silent.

As they looked at the big and bearded cousin sister next to her pretty maidservant, the group could not help but remember the “Princess Youyue” they had captured. Was she a fake?

“Clan Lord She, this is as far as you can go, please don’t move any closer! I don’t want to offend the Golden Crow Sect!” Wang Ke blocked the way toward the cages.

“Humph!” She Tianba snorted coldly.

He flung his sleeves and walked out, followed by his subordinates.

“Clan Lord She, do visit us more often!” Wang Ke saw Clan Lord She off.

Zhang Zhengdao walked out secretly after the She Clan’s men left and disappeared into the streets.

“Wang Ke, what a wonderful story you made up! You totally fooled Clan Lord She. Haha, he’s going to explode in rage, thinking that he only caught Princess Youyue’s maidservant after putting in so much effort! Haha!” Zhang Zhengdao laughed.

Wang Ke shook his head with a serious look, “No, She Tianba was pretending just now. He’s not angry! ”

“Uhh? He’s not? Then why did he...?” Zhang Zhengdao asked, confused by that remark.

“He’s trying to numb my senses. He’ll be making a move soon enough!” Wang Ke said with a deep voice.

“Make a move?” Zhang Zhengdao asked with a grim expression.

“We should, too!” Wang Ke said with narrowed eyes, “ Brother Zhang, this is now your turn to shine!”



Farther away in the streets. A group of She Clan members followed behind Clan Lord She.

“Clan Lord, what should we do? The one we caught is a fake! The real one is in Wang Ke’s hands!” a She Clan member asked anxiously.

“Who said ours is fake?” She Tianba shot him a cold stare.

“Uhh? Isn’t the one just now…! ”

“You want me to believe Wang Ke merely by trusting his words? Humph!” She Tianba said indifferently.

“But, what if? What if his princess is the real one?” That clan member said with concern.

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“What’s so hard about that?” She Tianba said with narrowed eyes, “No matter which Princess Youyue is the real one, the problem would be solved as long as we have both of them!”

“Have both of them?” A clan member’s eyes glowed.

“Tonight, we will snatch Wang Ke’s princess!” She Tianba said with a cold voice.

“But, so many people have already died...! ”

“You think the other clans can compare with us, the She Clan? We’re not just going to snatch Princess Youyue. We will also wipe out the entire Wang Clan. Hmph! I wanted to slaughter the fat goat called Wang Ke another day. Now, there’s no need to wait! We shall use this opportunity to show everyone in the Zhu Cultivation Town that we’re the most powerful clan there is! We are the kings here! Hmph!” She Tianba said with an icy tone.

“Yes sir!” the group of clan members acknowledged excitedly.

“Clan Lord, when will we do this?”

“Too many people walk around during the day; besides, someone might come and meddle with our operation. We shall do it tonight!”

“Yes sir!”

“Go back and inform all She Clan members. We shall do it at midnight! Kill every single one of them!” She Tianba said coldly.

“Yes sir!”

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