Chapter 6.1: The Eye-stinging Romance Scene (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 6.1: The Eye-stinging Romance Scene (1/2)

At night, in She Clan’s fully lit main hall!

All the She Clan’s members rushed back and gathered. All of them were inspecting their own weapons and enchanted artifacts. A murderous aura loomed over the entire place.

All of them understood that they were going to kill that night; their target was the wealthiest clan in the Zhu Cultivation Town: the Wang Clan.

They were going to obliterate the Wang Clan that night; they would snatch all their wealth and take back Princess Youyue in the process.

Although their Clan Lord had said that Wang Ke’s Princess Youyue may not be the real one, he swiftly decided to rush his plan to destroy the Wang Clan; it was apparent he deemed Wang Ke’s princess as the real one.

So, the princess they had been concealing was merely a maidservant!

That was close! They had almost lost their ticket to get the Golden Crow Sect’s reward!

It was fortunate that Wang Ke had found the real princess; all benefits would then belong to the She Clan.

“Clan Lord, when will we take action?” A She Clan member looked toward She Tianba, who was sitting on his appointed chair.

She Tianba sipped his tea and looked at everyone coldly, “There are still many people on the streets. Some of the shops are still open. Wait. Wait until midnight. All of you, continue to sharpen your blades! ”

“Yes sir!” All his followers bowed.

“We must give our best tonight to clean up everything before the disciples from the Golden Crow Sect arrive! Everything must be done perfectly... We have to ensure they won’t find any fault!” She Tianba said coldly.

“Yes sir!” everyone responded.

One of the clan members laughed and said, “Clan Chief, rest assured. The Wang Clan shall no longer exist when the Golden Crow Sect disciples arrive. We’ll be the only ones keeping Princess Youyue with Wang Ke out of the map. No one can take away our placements!”

She Tianba nodded. However, his right eyelid twitched unstoppably. That gave him a sense of foreboding about their plans.

“Clan Chief! Clan Chief!” At this moment, a servant ran into the main hall in a rush.

“What’s happening? Don’t you know what this place is?” Everyone in the hall rebuked him.

That servant said urgently, “Clan Chief, bad news! A Golden Crow Sect disciple arrived!”

“What?” everyone cried out in shock.

That servant reported urgently, “All the clan has been on full alert today, so we’ve been keeping an eye all over the town. I’m in charge of the town’s entrance… Just now, a Wang Clan member led someone fully equipped with enchanted artifacts into the town. Wang Ke personally went there to greet the visitor once he found out. Thanks to my considerably keen hearing, I heard Wang Ke address the visitor as ‘Immortal Zhang of the Gold Crow Sect,’ right before he was inviting him into the Wang Clan’s mansion!”

“Golden Crow Sect… Immortal Zhang? How can it be? How could he get here this quickly?” a She Clan member said in disbelief.

“Could it be that the Wang Clan’s messenger got lucky and met the Golden Crow Sect disciple while on his way and brought him back?” another clan member asked as he wondered.

“Wang Ke’s is too lucky!”

“What should we do now? The Golden Crow Sect’s disciple went straight to the Wang Clan estate. Can we still do it tonight?”

“Do what?” You want to kill the Golden Crow Sect disciple too?”

“I…? Then… Then, what should we do?”




Inside the main hall, all She Clan members were instantly filled with anxiety.

“Calm down, everyone! Relax!” She Tianba said with a bitter face.

Everyone looked toward him and waited for him to make a decision. However, with the appearance of the Golden Crow Sect disciple, how could She Tianba not feel anxious? I’m all ready to move out, and now you tell me that it’s over?Doesn’t that mean we can’t get anything?

If Wang Ke becomes a disciple of the Golden Crow Sect, would I still have the boldness to destroy his clan?Would I still dare to slaughter this fat goat?

“Postpone the operation. I’ll go over and see if this Golden Crow Sect disciple is genuine!” She Tianba said with a black face.

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“Okay, okay. He might be fake!” The She Clan members nodded in agreement.

She Tianba got up and walked toward the Wang Clan, following the lead of his servant. Soon, he arrived at the Wang Clan’s entrance.

After getting one of the Wang Clan’s servants to announce his arrival, Wang Ke himself went there to welcome him shortly after.

“Clan Lord She, what brings you here again?” Wang Ke walked up to him with a smile.

At this moment, Wang Ke’s tone had changed from the usual. He sounded confident and proud, as though he no longer needed to care about what She Tianba thought.

She Tianba’s heart skipped a beat upon noticing this detail.

She Tianba looked at Wang Ke and asked, “Clan Lord Wang, I heard that a disciple from the Golden Crow Sect came to town. Is it true?”

“Yeah. How lucky. The messenger I sent to the Golden Crow Sect met up with the owner of the bounty! He came to visit in a hurry! How fortunate!” Wang Ke said with a happy tone.

“The owner of the bounty?” She Tianba asked curiously.

“Yes, he’s called Zhang Zhengdao. His father is a powerful elder in the Golden Crow Sect. Out of his love for Princess Youyue, he asked his father to issue the bounty to search for Princess Youyue. Five placements in the Golden Crow Sect to become his father’s disciples! Fortunately, I didn't make things difficult for Princess Youyue, or else, I would hardly be able to face Immortal Zhang’s reckoning!” Wang Ke said, full of joy.

“What did you say? The Golden Crow Sect disciple is in love with the Princess Youyue you caught? Is there something wrong with him...?” a She Clan member cried out in astonishment.

“Shut up!” She Tianba threw his subordinate a stare and prevented that member from talking any further.

“Is this your clan member? Did he just say that something is wrong with my senior apprentice-brother?” Wang Ke’s face stiffened instantly.

“It’s a misunderstanding, Clan Lord Wang. My man said that Immortal Zhang and Princess Youyue are... are…!” She Tianba was suddenly at a loss for words.

“This is true love! You know nothing! I won’t let you offIf you dare to criticize my senior apprentice-brother Zhang again!” Wang Ke said with an authoritative tone.

She Tianba’s face turned grim. Wang Ke was still talking to him in a different tone before noon came. Although Wang Ke was not speaking in a casual manner, he was at least polite. But then, Wang Ke had really turned against him!

Senior apprentice-brother Zhang?How shameless! You haven't entered the Golden Crow Sect yet, and you’re already calling Zhang Zhengdao senior apprentice-brother?

She Tianba raged in his heart. But he could only reprimand his impudent man at the moment, “You, go back first! Stop embarrassing our clan!”

“Clan Lord? Yes sir!” That She Clan member immediately left with a gloomy face.

No one realized that the change in Wang Ke’s tone had already disarmed much of their suspicion over Zhang Zhengdao’s real identity. The latter might really be a Golden Crow Sect’s disciple.

“Clan Lord Wang, could you offer a hand and introduce me to Immortal Zhang?” She Tianba asked politely.

“Immortal Zhang is spending time with Princess Youyue at the moment; they have much to speak about. You want to meet him now…?” Wang Ke was apparently reluctant.

She Tianba cursed Wang Ke in his heart. Damn you. How long has it been since you met Zhang Zhengdao, you already dare to make things difficult for me!

She Tianba had to restrain himself at the moment. He took out a bead with a green glow from his pocket and passed it to Wang Ke.

“This is my family heirloom, the Water Repellent Bead. Clan Lord Wang, please help!” She Tianba pleaded politely.

Wang Ke’s eyes sparkled as he immediately received the bead.

“Clan Lord She, you’re too courteous. I don’t really care about treasures, but I love helping people. Haha, please, come with me!” Wang Ke swiftly extended the invitation with laughter.

After pocketing the Water Repellent Bead, Wang Ke was sure that his plan had worked. Clan Lord She believed that Zhang Zhengdao was a Golden Crow Sect’s disciple.

The group of people quickly went to the Wang Clan’s backcourt again. Before they saw anything, they heard a pleading voice coming from the backcourt.

“Little Yue Yue, come out, please! I’m sorry, it’s all my fault! Don’t be angry with me, please? I will never put up a bounty again. How was I to know they would treat you this harshly! My little sweetheart!”

She Tianba saw that Princess Youyue was still inside the cage, while Zhang Zhengdao pleaded passionately outside the cage.

Zhang Zhengdao’s outfit was luxurious. His hairpin, robe, and shoes were all enchanted artifacts that glowed in the dark, which gave him a wealthy look. She Tianba sighed in amazement after witnessing such a sight. The Golden Crow Sect’s disciples are quite rich.

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