Chapter 6.2: The Eye-stinging Romance Scene (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 6.2: The Eye-stinging Romance Scene (2/2)

Zhang Zhengdao seemed to be somewhat plump and wretched, but his eyes looked at Princess Youyue with extremely tenderness. No matter how people looked at the scene, it stung the eyes.


Princess Youyue snorted with coquettish anger as she turned around, while tears rolled down her eyes. Such a sight made everyone’s hair stand on end. However, Zhang Zhengdao’s heart was broken by such a reaction.

Wang Ke nodded in satisfaction upon seeing the plump man’s professional acting skills. Zhang Zhengdao was a real man. He could do what others could not; he could endure what others could not. He lived up to Wang Ke’s expectations.

“Hit me, my Little Yue Yue, hit me! You can do whatever you want! Just don’t torture yourself because I cannot take it! My Little Yue Yue! They won’t allow me to marry you, but I don’t care. I will definitely marry you. Little Yue Yue, I cannot live without you!” Zhang Zhengdao expressed his love passionately.

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All the She Clan members’ faces were twitching uncontrollably. They could hardly look at what was happening. Damn, the son of a Golden Crow Sect’s elder could choose any woman in the world, and this is the kind of woman he wants...? It really is as Wang Ke said. Immortals have unique tastes.

“This is the Golden Crow Sect’s Immortal Zhang, right? I am…!” She Tianba took a step forward.

“Get lost! Don’t you see that I’m talking to my Little Yue Yue?” Zhang Zhengdao rebuked him without even looking his way.

She Tianba’s face froze as his heart raged inside; however, he could only suppress it.

“Little Yue Yue, what must I do for you to forgive me?” Zhang Zhengdao asked desperately with tears in his eyes.

However, Princess Youyue only sobbed softly without saying a word.

“Should I avenge you? How about that? I will kill whoever killed your subordinates!” Zhang Zhengdao snarled.

“Senior apprentice-brother Zhang, uhh no, Immortal Zhang, I captured her according to your bounty. It’s not my fault!” Wang Ke responded anxiously.

Still, Zhang Zhengdao could not care less. He turned around and looked at Wang Ke with hateful eyes, “Humph, not your fault? My bounty merely requested for you to catch Princess Youyue. Did I ask you to kill? You killed my beloved Little Yue Yue’s subordinates. I shall avenge her!”

“Don’t, Immortal Zhang, I’m innocent. You promised in your bounty that I could enter the Golden Crow Sect. Why are you going back on your word?” Wang Ke cried out in bewilderment.

“It’s my bounty. I can do whatever I want with it. Die!” Zhang Zhengdao looked like he was about to attack furiously.

All this exchange really worked off She Tianba and his companions’ anger. However, She Tianba felt a little depressed. The Golden Crow Sect’s bounty?Seems like there’s no hope.

Suddenly, Princess Youyue cried out, “Zhang Zhengdao!”

Zhang Zhengdao, who was about to attack, stopped immediately and looked toward Princess Youyue. “My Little Yue Yue, you... You’re finally speaking to me? You’re no longer angry at me?”

Princess Youyue wiped her tears while she explained, “Although Clan Lord Wang captured me and killed my subordinates, he never tried to torture me; he didn’t agree to it, even when someone proposed it to interrogate me! He caught me according to the bounty. I don’t blame him!”

“Thank you for your kind and truthful words, Princess Youyue!” Wang Ke immediately expressed his gratitude with his forehead full of sweat.

“Humph, luck you!” Zhang Zhengdao relented.

Wang Ke took the opportunity and asked, “Immortal Zhang, Princess Youyue no longer blames me. Can I still be rewarded? Can I still enter the Golden Crow Sect?” It could be seen that Wang Ke wanted to try his luck with Princess Youyue’s backing.

“You still want to enter the Golden Crow Sect?” Zhang Zhengdao said disdainfully.

“You’re the one who offered the reward, Immortal Zhang. You can't just go back on your words like that, can you?” Wang Ke pleaded with a bitter look.

Just when Zhang Zhengdao was about to retort, he saw Princess Youyue staring at him. He froze; it seemed that he didn't want to appear in her eyes like a petty man who goes back on his words.

“Humph, you captured Princess Youyue indeed, but you killed her subordinates. I’ll take away four placements from the five I promised. I will only give you one!” Zhang Zhengdao said deeply.

Wang Ke took the opportunity and asked, “One? One is good enough! Oh yeah, I also caught the princess’ maidservant. You see, it’s her who betrayed Princess Youyue. Can this make up for my mistake?”

Zhang Zhengdao appeared to be in a difficult spot as he looked at the little cousin sister inside the other cage.

“She’s my maidservant. She grew up with me since I was very young. I don’t blame her! It’s a pity that I don’t know if the other maidservants are still alive,” Princess Youyue said sorrowfully.

“Princess, I deserve death!” The little cousin sister cried remorsefully inside her cage.

While Wang Ke gazed at Zhang Zhengdao—

“Humph, I will reward you with one more placement since you caught one of Little Yue Yue’s maidservants alive!” Zhang Zhengdao said coldly.

“Thank you, Immortal Zhang, for giving two placements to our clan. Thank you so much! Don’t worry, Immortal Zhang, I will have my clan members continue the search for Princess Youyue’s other maidservants. When the time comes, please show us mercy and reward us with one more placement!” Wang Ke pleaded excitedly.

“We shall see! Now, leave us alone. Stop interrupting us! Humph!” Zhang Zhengdao snorted coldly.

“Okay, sure!” Wang Ke said joyfully.

Two placements were good enough for Wang Ke. He might get other placements if he could find the rest of the princess’ maidservants. How could Wang Ke not be happy about it?

Zhang Zhengdao continued to act obsequiously toward Princess Youyue, just like a lap dog. “My Little Yue Yue, don’t worry. I will surely find the other maidservants.”

“Humph!” Princess Youyue stopped talking to Zhang Zhengdao again.

But, this time, it had a more coquettish feeling.

“Clan Lord She, let’s go. We shouldn’t disturb Immortal Zhang’s reunion with Princess Youyue. Let’s talk in the front hall!” Wang Ke immediately requested She Tianba to leave with him.

But at this moment, She Tianba’s legs seemed rooted to the ground, looking fixedly at Zhang Zhengdao and Princess Youyue.

“Clan Lord She, shall we?” Wang Ke entreated.

She Tianba’s unexpected behavior surprised not only Wang Ke, but even Zhang Zhengdao who also turned around.

“You’re still here?” Zhang Zhengdao stared at him.

That stare immediately shook away all suspicion in She Tianba’s heart. She Tianba mustered all his pride and bowed down respectfully.

“Immortal Zhang, the She Clan has caught one of the princess’ maidservants. Please show us mercy, Immortal Zhang. Could you also give a placement to the She Clan? I, She Tianba, will be endlessly grateful to you!” She Tianba bowed down, appearing humble and lowly.

All the She Clan’s members followed suit.

“Oh? You also caught one?” Zhang Zhengdao asked doubtfully.

“Clan Lord She, you have one too?” Wang Ke asked in astonishment.

“Yes, she’s in my clan’s water dungeon. She’s still alive! Immortal Zhang, please grant my wish!” She Tianba bowed down again.

“Who is that?” Princess Youyue looked extremely expectant while still inside the cage.

Seeing that Princess Youyue was showing that much care, Zhang Zhengdao also wanted to show his concern.

“Okay, I will also give you a placement if you’re speaking the truth. But, if you dare to deceive us, humph!” Zhang Zhengdao shot him a stare.

“No way, no way. I will bring her over right now. I’ll be right back!” Zhang Zhengdao replied excitedly.

“Now!” Zhang Zhengdao urged.

She Tianba dashed out of the Wang Clan estate with his subordinates and headed toward the She Clan.

After She Tianba left, Zhang Zhengdao looked toward Wang Ke with excitement. “Brother Wang, how’s my acting? ” he asked.

“Brother Zhang has the foundation to become a compensation scammer. Your acting is on point, as always! The romance scene with my big cousin sister was composed and well done. You’re a real man. You have my respect! Now, we wait!” Wang Ke laughed, satisfied by the outcome.

“Of course. Just now, I had to expand my pupils to blur your big cousin sister’s face when I was acting, to fully express my affection. If I see her face, I’m afraid I will... Blaargh~~~! ”

Zhang Zhengdao ran toward a corner and threw up.

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