Chapter 7.1: Even The Toilet Rolls Must Be Taken (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 7.1: Even The Toilet Rolls Must Be Taken (1/2)

Shortly after, She Tianba took his Princess Youyue to the Wang Clan! No, she became the loyal maidservant.

“Immortal Zhang, Princess Youyue, look! Is this the princess’ maidservant?” She Tianba said nervously.

The group of people looked at the woman dressed in black that She Tianba had brought over.

She was incredibly beautiful. Her long hair was draped over her back, and a long and hideous scar could be seen on her face. She sat on the ground powerlessly, as if she were drugged and immobilized. Her eyes looked blankly, without vigor. She looked like she had given up on life.

However, she was stunned when She Tianba addressed the big cousin sister in the cage as ‘Princess Youyue.’ A sense of astonishment flashed past her eyes.

Seeing Princess Youyue in the cage, she suddenly covered her mouth and tears welled up in her eyes.

Wang Ke, whose back was facing Zhang Zhengdao and the others, signaled everyone else to remain silent. Wang Ke was already reading the eyes of the She Clan members to confirm whether the woman She Tianba had brought was the real one.

Eventually—when Wang Ke saw how anxious She Tianba was—he had a preliminary confirmation of the woman’s identity. Wang Ke waved his other hand that was hidden behind his back.

“Sister, what happened to you? It’s all my fault. I betrayed her trust, while you were more loyal than me. Sister, your face... Boohoo!” The caged little cousin sister began crying all of a sudden.

“Boo-hoo!” The ‘Princess Youyue’ in the cage also sobbed sorrowfully.

Upon seeing this, the woman dressed in black was baffled. Why is that woman in the cage addressing me as her sister?

She Tianba looked toward Zhang Zhengdao anxiously, but the caged princess was the young lord’s only focus. Seeing how sorrowful Princess Youyue was, Zhang Zhengdao was swiftly incensed.

“You bastard! How dare you injure my Little Yue Yue’s maidservant! I’m going to kill you!” Zhang Zhengdao was about to pounce over furiously.

She Tianba’s expression changed. “Immortal Zhang, calm your anger. It was an accident when I was capturing her. She wasn't mistreated while we held her captive. We didn't do anything to her other than feeding her weakening powders. We did not dare to touch her! Please take this into consideration, Immortal Zhang!”

“Immortal Zhang, please calm down. Although Clan Lord She injured this maidservant, he didn't kill her. She might have died already if she would have been captured by another person! Please quell your anger, Immortal Zhang!” Wang Ke immediately stepped forward to stop and persuade Zhang Zhengdao.

“Clan Lord Wang is right, he’s right! Immortal Zhang, I followed the instructions stated in the bounty, and you were the one who issued such a bounty!” She Tianba pleaded anxiously.

“Get lost! Get lost!” Zhang Zhengdao roared furiously.

“Clan Lord She, Immortal Zhang is at the peak of his anger. Let me try to persuade him. You and your men should wait outside in the meantime. Let me help. Don’t make him any angrier than he is. Quick, quick!” Wang Ke cried out to She Tianba as he held on to Zhang Zhengdao.

“Okay, okay. Thank you, Clan Lord Wang. Clan Lord Wang, please put on a good word for me. Please!” She Tianba immediately bowed to Wang Ke.

After that, She Tianba took his men out of the Wang Clan estate as quickly as he could. He was still able to hear Zhang Zhengdao berating him loudly as he left.

She Tianba was covered in sweat as he restlessly waited outside the Wang Clan’s entrance. He felt quite uneasy, unsure of what was happening inside.

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After a little less than an hour, Wang Ke finally walked out of the gate.

“Clan Lord Wang, how is it?” She Tianba asked impatiently.

“Don’t worry, Clan Lord She, I have interceded for you. Of course, my help might not have been necessary. Immortal Zhang was only pretending to be angry to put up a show in front of his lover. He had to show his concern for Princess Youyue!” Wang Ke laughed.

“That’s good. That’s good to hear. Then, what about the placement to enter the Golden Crow Sect?” She Tianba asked nervously.

“I asked for you. Immortal Zhang agreed to give you a placement. However, you should try at all costs to steer clear of the princess after you enter the Golden Crow Sect!” Wang Ke explained.

“Of course. That’s for sure. Haha… haha… Thank you, thank you, Clan Lord Wang. I apologize for all the misunderstandings that happened between us!” She Tianba quickly replied, visibly elated.

“It’s the least I could do. Soon, we will become apprentice brothers in the Golden Crow Sect. We’ll need to care for each other when the time comes!” Wang Ke laughed.

“Hahaha, that’s for sure. Your concerns will become mine! Thank you so much for your help this time. I don’t know what else I can do to show my gratitude. I have another Dust Repellant Bead, Brother Wang, please take it!” She Tianba took out another treasure bead and passed it to Wang Ke.

Wang Ke’s eyes glowed, “Haha, I shall gladly accept it, then!”

“Of course, of course!” She Tianba said happily.

She Tianba would have felt worried if he hadn’t accepted it. She Tianba felt at ease after Wang Ke took his gift.

“Brother Wang, please continue to speak well of me before Immortal Zhang! There will be more gifts in return!” She Tianba requested expectantly.

Wang Ke nodded, “That’s for sure. It’s just that Princess Youyue and her maidservants have just been reunited; they have many things to talk about. It’s not good to interrupt them at this moment. I wouldn’t dare disturb Immortal Zhang either because of how mesmerized he is with Princess Youyue. But I will do my best to find opportunities!”

“That’s good enough! Good enough!” She Tianba said.

“However, you surely know. These few days, there have been despicable men who have broken into my place to attempt snatching Princess Youyue. I’m not afraid of them coming, but if they were to enrage Immortal Zhang for disturbing his reunion with the Princess…!” Wang Ke said with worry.

“Fear not. The She Clan will place guards all around the Wang Clan tonight. We’ll make sure no one else comes near your clan!” She Tianba said solemnly.

“Okay, thank you so much. I will report to Immortal Zhang about everything you’ll be doing tonight!” Wang Ke said in a serious tone.

“Thank you, Clan Lord Wang!” She Tianba replied with sparkling eyes.

Wang Ke cupped his fists and returned to his mansion.

“Bang! ”

Wang Ke shut his gates close, leaving She Tianba behind, then he rubbed his fists in exhilaration.

“Clan Lord?” a She Clan member walked up to him.

“Go, inform all the She Clan members to do their best to protect the Wang Clan’s mansion. Kill everyone who dares to break in!” She Tianba instructed with a deep voice.

“Yes, sir!” a She Clan member responded.


Wang Clan’s backcourt.

Wang Ke’s cousin sisters came out of their cages and, together with Zhang Zhengdao, they looked at the returning Wang Ke.

“Brother Wang, She Tianba was totally fooled by you! He brought you the real Princess Youyue!” Zhang Zhengdao said excitedly.

Wang Ke glanced at Zhang Zhengdao; he didn’t tell him about the two precious jewels that She Tianba had gifted him.

“Right. The She Clan will be guarding outside our place tonight, all to prevent anyone from coming near. We have a night’s worth of time. Quick, everyone, pack up. We will leave the Zhu Cultivation Town through the underground tunnels! We must be quick about it! We need to be long gone before She Tianba finds out!” Wang Ke ordered.

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