Chapter 7.2: Even The Toilet Rolls Must Be Taken (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 7.2: Even The Toilet Rolls Must Be Taken (2/2)

“Yes, sir!” Wang Clan members replied.

“She Tianba is helping you to guard your gates and prevent anyone from coming in? You’ve swindled his chance at getting the reward, and yet he’s willing to help you count the money you gained? Brother Wang, your scamming is really becoming increasingly skillful! I told you. We’re invincible if we work together!” Zhang Zhengdao said excitedly.

“Get lost!” Wang Ke shot a stare at the shameless guy.

Everyone packed up swiftly and left through an underground tunnel inside the Wang Clan’s mansion. Wang Ke’s original plan was to scam the whole town and snatch all their spirit stones, so he had already prepared an underground tunnel for their getaway.

Zhang Zhengdao was already used to this tactic. The Wang Clan members were even more familiar with it.

Still, Princess Youyue—who had just been delivered to Wang Ke’s hands by She Tianba—was quite confused. The pair of cousin sisters supported the princess from the sides so they could go through the nearby underground tunnel quickly.

She was weak and wasn’t even able to speak, but she had the gist of what everyone around her was talking about.

There was a feeling that, just when she had escaped the wolf’s den, she entered... A gang of swindlers?


The second day.

The sun rose, and roosters were crowing in the Zhu Cultivation Town.

Armed She Clan were posted all around the Wang Clan’s estate, catching everyone’s attention.

“The She Clan is laying siege to attack the Wang Clan?”

“Are they trying to take Princess Youyue by force?”

“This is too daring and conspicuous!”

“How ruthless is the She Clan!”

“I just bought Wang Clan’s financial product! If the Wang Clan is gone… what is going to happen to my financial product?”




All the town’s inhabitants discussed amongst themselves. Many cultivators rushed over quickly.

However, the She Clan was the most powerful cultivation clan in town after all. Their overwhelming power prevented everyone from getting close.

At the gate of the Wang Clan.

She Tianba stared at the gate. His heart—which had been mollified the night before—grew uneasy again.

“Clan Lord, weren’t we preparing to obliterate the Wang Clan last night? How... How come we protected them for an entire night?” a She Clan member asked in confusion.

She Tianba’s face grew black, “Shut up. We’re guarding Immortal Zhang! ”

She Tianba’s men no longer dared to speak further, but his heart grew increasingly agitated.

Didn’t he go there to verify Immortal Zhang’s identity? When did he begin to believe that Immortal Zhang was real? He had even brought Princess Youyue’s ‘maidservant’ over…

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. They’re all inside this mansion,” She Tianba mumbled to himself with some frustration.

But, it was already late in the morning, and the gate had yet to open.

“Clan Lord, have we... have we been tricked?” a She Clan disciple asked with concern.

“Impossible!” She Tianba’s face froze.

And all his men could only keep their mouths shut.

There was still no trace of movement inside Wang Clan’s mansion by noon; not even the gate had been opened. Finally, She Tianba felt that something was wrong.

“Knock on the gate! Lightly. Don’t disturb Immortal Zhang!” She Tianba instructed one of his men.

Said subordinate immediately went to knock.


However, there was no response from the inside.

“Knock again!”

“Knock-knock, Knock-knock, Knock-knock…!”

The knocking became more rapid and louder. However, there was still no sound coming from the inside, at all.

“No, no... Impossible!” She Tianba said frantically.

He realized that he had been fooled; he kicked open the gate forcefully.


The gate broke open, but nothing was left inside the mansion.

“Hmm? Is it different from yesterday? There were all sorts of expensive potted plants in the courtyard. Are they gone? Where did they go? And, where are all the people? Is there no one here?” a She Clan member cried out, aghast.

“Search. Search now! Quick!” She Tianba screamed.

He rushed into the backcourt as he issued the order. His men rushed to check every room.

When he arrived at the backcourt, he realized that the cages were gone, and so were the people. Nothing was felt... Nothing but empty space.

“Impossible... Hahaha... Impossible... How could I be fooled? It must be a hallucination! It has to be!” She Tianba rushed back to the Wang Clan’s main hall with a sweaty forehead.

The main hall used to be decorated with all sorts of items, but it was empty at the moment. Only load-bearing walls were left.

Everything was moved out?

“Clan Lord, we’ve searched everywhere. There’s no one left inside the mansion!” one of She Tianba’s men was horrified as he made the report.

“Clan Lord, we’ve checked in detail; everything in the mansion is gone! Beds, tables, chairs, utensils, pots... They’re all gone! How can the Wang Clan move everything out in one night?”

“Clan Lord, this had to be the Wangs’ plan from the beginning. They took everything with them. Only the main building structure is left! ”




All of She Tianba’s men went to see him and report their findings one after the other, sending waves of numbness into his scalp.

“Wang Ke? Was he so poor that he lost his mind? Everything was moved out? Everything? Not even the sliver of a clue? Search the place! Keep searching! There must be clues somewhere. I don’t believe they can fly! There must be an underground tunnel!” She Tianba said. His body was trembling in anger.

He felt the urge to flip tables as his body shook. However, everywhere around him was empty; only the walls remained. Where could he find tables to vent his anger?

“Yes, sir!” The group of subordinates continued searching.

And then, since Wang Clan’s mansion was totally emptied out, some details were easier to notice.

A subordinate came over and reported in disappointment, “Clan Lord, I’ve checked thoroughly. Wang Ke even packed all the paper rolls from all the toilets! There isn’t a single piece of evidence to be found!”

She Tianba finally connected all the dots. The princess Wang Ke had caught was fake. Immortal Zhang was fake. They had been prepared to fool him. The entire thing had been staged to make him fall into the trap. He had been deceived through and through, and he even handed the real Princess Youyue to Wang Ke?

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She Tianba trembled in rage, but he had no outlet to vent his anger. As a last resort, he took off the jade pendant from his waist and smashed it forcefully on the ground.


The jaded pendant broke into pieces. She Tianba could no longer hold it in. He screamed, “Wang Ke, you big liar! I’m going to kill you!”

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