Chapter 8.1: Indestructible Solar Divine Sword (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 8.1: Indestructible Solar Divine Sword (1/2)

“Wang Ke, you’re a big liar! I’m going to kill you~~~~~~~~!”

She Tianba’s hoarse scream came out from the Wang Clan’s mansion and reverberated ceaselessly across the entire settlement. This shocked countless cultivators in the Zhu Cultivation Town.

“Oh no. Oh no... It’s real. Last night, I heard this from my neighbor Old Wang. He’s helping out in the She Clan as a chef. He told me that the She Clan mobilized everyone with the intent tobing kill all the Wang Clan members. It turned out to be true!”

“Of course! You surely heard the racket made by the She Clan last night!”

“Poor Clan Lord Wang. He earned so much money, but he didn't have the chance to enjoy spending it!”

“Of course, it’s not the She Clan’s first time doing this. Those who work along with them will prosper, but those who go against them will be destroyed! He surely went to slaughter Wang Ke, the fat goat!”

“What should we do now? We bought Wang Ke’s financial product! Now it’s all gone?”

“This simply cannot do. Those were all my savings. If She Tianba destroyed the Wang Clan and plundered all their wealth, I’m entitled to a share!”

“Yes, we must ask She Tianba to return us the money! We must unite and recover our hard-earned money!”




None of the town’s inhabitants were able to continue hating Wang Ke after learning about his clan’s “tragedy.” They could only knock on She Tianba’s doors to recover the money they had paid for the financial product. Every one of them was rubbing their fists, united as one.

She Tianba was completely unprepared for such an outcome, after losing Princess Youyue and two precious jewels without getting anything from the Wang Clan. Wang Ke had left him with a trail of debts!

Wang Clan’s mansion.
Finally, a She Clan member found the location of the underground tunnel. She Tianba quickly ran into the massive tunnel. He froze instinctively upon seeing the vast and spacious tunnel. “The magnitude of this tunnel... Even horse carriages can travel here. Such a gigantic tunnel was certainly not dug in one night. It would take at least a year! Wang Ke planned his escape route one year ago?” a She Clan member commented in disbelief.

Meanwhile, another clan member rushed back from deep inside the tunnel.

“Clan Lord, this tunnel extends far ahead to a place outside the Zhu Cultivation Town. Moreover, Wang Ke had made the inner parts of the tunnel collapse as they were escaping. Even after we cleared the blockage, we found no clues about the place they escaped to!”

“Yeah, the inner segments of the tunnel were all buried. There are no clues. Clan Lord, we can’t find them!”



A group of She Clan members reported with long faces. She Tianba appeared to be calm, but his face turned crimson; his hands were trembling, obviously enraged.

“The monk may run away, but the temple will remain!” She Tianba said with gnashing teeth.

“Clan Lord, Wang Ke and his clan are foreigners. This mansion was rented by Wang Ke a decade ago. I just remembered that his rental contract ends this year. So, this temple doesn’t belong to Wang Ke!” a She Clan member replied bitterly, rubbing salt into She Tianba’s wounds.

“F***!” She Tianba cursed angrily.

“Humph, doesn’t Wang Ke have other properties in the Zhu Cultivation Town? Has he no other clan members? Lock the entire town down! Outsiders can enter, but none of them can leave. Search! Search all of Wang Ke’s shops, properties, clan members, his employees, shopkeepers. Capture everyone related to Wang Ke. Go, I want it all!” She Tianba commanded fiercely.

“Yes, sir!” All the She Clan members rushed out of the tunnel.

The She Clan was not considered the most powerful in the Zhu Cultivation Town for no reason. They did have the power to back their claims. The entire town was affected by their influence. Whenever they were on the move, the entire Zhu Cultivation Town would be limited.

Shortly after, some She Clan members returned to Wang estate again.

A She Clan member wailed, “Clan Lord, we’ve searched everywhere. No one is left! All of Wang Ke’s employees, shopkeepers and clan members have disappeared overnight. Moreover, everything in their shops was moved out. Not even the toilet rolls were left behind. There were underground tunnels under all of the shops. Wang Ke has been planning this for a very long time!”

“Not only toilet rolls. Even the coffin shop under Wang Ke’s name was emptied of coffins, incense money and burial clothes. Is he so poor that he suddenly snapped? There isn’t a single clue left, either!”

“Clan Lord, we’ve also found out that all of Wang Ke’s properties were rented. Wang Ke had no permanent properties in the Zhu Cultivation Town! We cannot find any!”

“Wang Ke is too damn petty!”




“Pfff—” She Tianba vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Clan Lord, are you okay?” a clan member rushed over and supported She Tianba.

She Tianba wiped away the blood on his lips. His eyes turned bloodshot; he was flustered and exasperated.

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“Wang Ke, you jerk, you scoundrel… I will be your enemy for life! Go and check the areas around the town to search for them. They have quite a lot of people and cannot run far in one night. We have so many targets, and any one of them will lead us to Wang Ke. Continue searching! Go and search! Check the outskirts, all of you! Search! Send signals if you find any clues! I will shred Wang Ke into pieces!” She Tianba roared.

“Yes, sir!” All his men responded.

The countless She Clan members instantly rushed out of town to continue with the search.

She Tianba was shaking with fury as he dashed back to his mansion. It was only after everyone left that cultivators of the Zhu Cultivation Town ventured to go near the Wang Clan’s mansion.

“Tsk tsk. Clan Lord She, you're beyond ruthless. The mansion was emptied by you?”

“Clan Lord She must be so poor that he finally snapped! He took everything from Wang Clan’s mansion? He even took the toilet rolls with him!”

“Even the corpses are gone! Clan Lord She is really overdoing it for no reason. Does he really think that by hiding the Wang Clan’s corpses he can cover the fact that he destroyed them?”

“She Tianba killed everyone and took everything. What else does he want? What is he sending his men out for?”

“It must be to pursue the fleeing remnants of the Wang Clan. How ruthless!”

“The Zhu Cultivation Town is too horrifying, and the She Clan no less. Can we really continue to stay here? The money we paid for the financial product... Do you think we can still get it back?”

“We have to get it back. That’s my hard-earned money! If the She Clan refuses to give it, I... I will fight them to the death!”




A huge commotion broke out in the Zhu Cultivation Town. The She Clan suffered a huge loss, but they couldn't make it public. All they could do was to find Wang Ke as soon as possible.

She Tianba stayed in his mansion to wait for good news; he paced back and forth anxiously.

Wang Ke’s entire clan… All his clan members, shopkeepers, employees, servants, and so on. They have too many people, too many! They definitely can’t move quickly. I can surely find them… Do you really think you can run from me? She Tianba snarled.

However, half a day went by without any signs of good news. She Tianba grew more depressed.

It was then that a nervous clan member rushed into the mansion.

“Clan Chief! Clan Chief!” the She Clan member cried out in a fit of panic.

“You have news of Wang Ke?” She Tianba’s eyes sparkled.

“No, no. It’s about someone outside the Zhu Cultivation Town... Someone is coming... Someone from the Golden Crow Sect! A Golden Crow Sect’s disciple! This time it’s real! And... his surname is also Zhang!” the She Clan member reported anxiously.

A disciple from the Golden Crow Sect? Immortal Zhang?

She Tianba’s face froze. He had just been fooled by Zhang Zhengdao. But then another Immortal Zhang showed up?

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