Chapter 8.2: Indestructible Solar Divine Sword (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 8.2: Indestructible Solar Divine Sword (2/2)

“Are you sure?” She Tianba’s expression changed.

“I’m sure! Clan Lord, didn’t you send four messengers to the Golden Crow Sect through four different routes? My older brother She Feng was one of them. This Immortal Zhang came with my big brother’s jade pendant! It must be him!” that She Clan member said anxiously.

“She Feng didn't come back?” She Tianba said with a frown.

That She Clan member replied, “Immortal Zhang said that She Feng had been bitten by a venomous snake before he arrived at the Golden Crow Sect; he’s currently being treated by them. Immortal Zhang received the news and came personally to take Princess Youyue back with him. He also said he will reward us with all five placements once he confirms Princess Youyue’s identity. He wants you to be assured of this!”

She Tianba was again filled with bitterness at the moment. Damn. I was just fooled by a fake Immortal Zhang, and now, the real Immortal Zhang comes?If only you had arrived two days earlier! What do I do now?

“Clan Lord, what should we do now? I ordered someone to show him around the Zhu Cultivation Town, but we can’t use this delaying tactic for too long. Clan Lord, please give us some ideas!” the clan member urged.

She Tianba felt even more bitter. You want me to give you some ideas?What ideas can there be?I’m going crazy here!

“Four messengers reported to the Golden Crow Sect already, which means that there's no way to excuse ourselves. Go invite Immortal Zhang here. I will apologize personally!” She Tianba said as he tried to hold back a mixture of anger and sadness.

“Yes, sir!”


Outside the Zhu Cultivation Town, inside a hidden cave.

Three people were inside the cave regulating their Qi-flow with closed eyes.

Wang Ke had his eyes closed as he delved into his body to sense his Core Cradle.

TL: Another translation for Dantian

There was a small golden sword inside Wang Ke’s Core Cradle. It was glowing with a faint golden radiance, but a ball of black Qi was surrounding it.

Indestructible Solar Divine Sword? This was passed down from my ancestors. I didn't expect for it to shuttle me from Earth, all across the universe, to end up on this planet. The odd thing is, why did it stop moving once it brought me here?

Did it spend all its energy?

If you hadn’t automatically protected me ten years ago with a bright radiance—slaying that demon inside that demon king’s tomb—I would have thought you were completely broken! Still, you were surrounded by this ball of black Qi after you slew that demon. This is why I’ve been haunted by bad luck these ten years!

Only that thing from the Heavenly Wolf Sect can help me dispel that black Qi. Indestructible Solar Divine Sword? Were there really cultivators during Earth’s early days?
Wang Ke pondered.

Zhang Zhengdao, who was right beside Wang Ke, opened his eyes at that moment.

“Brother Wang, where are all the people? So many people fled along with us, all your clan members, shopkeepers and employees. There were so many people. Where did you hide them?” Zhang Zhengdao was perplexed.

So many people and they were all gone? Zhang Zhengdao could not understand what had happened.

Wang Ke opened his eyes slowly.

“The most dangerous place is the safest place. Don’t worry! I have already made arrangements for them. She Tianba won’t find them!” Wang Ke shook his head and explained.

“But why do we need to be separated from them?” Zhang Zhengdao wondered.

“Aren’t we heading toward the Heavenly Wolf Sect? It’s not safe to bring them along!” Wang Ke explained.

“Not safe? You mean that having more people will make us more conspicuous?” Zhang Zhengdao analyzed.

“No. I’ve been haunted by bad luck in the last ten years. I’m worried that they might come to harm if I bring them along, considering this streak of bad luck. That’s why I sent them away and made separate arrangements!” Wang Ke explained.

Zhang Zhengdao: “................................!”

Wang Ke had been haunted by bad luck for ten years. Zhang Zhengdao was also aware of this. Still, ten years had passed and he had forgotten all about it. Since the subject was again brought up by Wang Ke, he immediately felt a sense of extreme danger. So... I have to bear with your bad luck?

“They might be harmed if you bring them along, but… Won’t I be harmed if you bring me along? Brother Wang, I’m also your friend! You can’t do this to me!” Zhang Zhengdao was crestfallen as he protested.

“You’re thick-skinned and highly durable. You’ll be fine!” Wang Ke explained.

“Bulls**t! Wang Ke, you... get away from me. Send me to your where your Wang Clan members are. I’m not going to follow you. I won’t travel with you!” Zhang Zhengdao was on edge as he was attempting to persuade the man.

Zhang Zhengdao was not a fool to dare to escape on his own since he wasn’t familiar with his surroundings and the She Clan was combing the area. At the moment, the only way was to make Wang Ke share information about a safe place and persuade the latter to send him there.

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“You want to leave? Don’t even think about it. You don’t want your lifeblood anymore?” Wang Ke shot him a stare.

“Uhh!” Zhang Zhengdao was silenced in an instant.

His folding fan was still in Wang Ke’s hands. Wang Ke would never let go of his lifeblood until he became a Heavenly Wolf Sect’s disciple.

“Humph!” Zhang Zhengdao could only sit down angrily. He could only accept his fate.

“What lifeblood?” another voice spoke next to them.

Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao looked over; they saw that Princess Youyue had finished regulating her Qi and was mending her injuries.

“Princess Youyue, you woke up. How are your injuries?” Wang Ke asked.

The lady before him had a tall, hourglass figure. Her long hair was a veil over her beautiful face; the two men knew there was a hideous scar hidden under her hair.

“The effect of She Tianba’s weakening powder is gone, but I’m still under a restriction spell, so I can’t use much of my life essence. I can’t open my storage bracelet either; I can only use the low-level storage bag I have on me,” Princess Youyue said bitterly.

“It’s okay. The Sect Lord will help you dispel your restriction when we arrive at the Heavenly Wolf Sect!” Zhang Zhengdao reassured her immediately.

“Okay!” Anticipation flashed in Princess Youyue’s eyes.

“Thank you both for saving me; You Yue is awfully grateful! How did you know I was imprisoned?” Princess Youyue asked curiously.

Before Wang Ke was able to speak, Zhang Zhengdao cut in and tried to take all the credit, “Princess Youyue, you must really thank me this time around. I’m the one who found out about yo; Wang Ke was merely an assistant. I’m the main schemer... ptooey! I’m the mastermind. I played the pivotal role to save you. I previously caught a She Clan member called She Feng who told me about your imprisonment. I then allowed Wang Ke to join in the rescue because he’s my friend, I................!” Zhang Zhengdao did try his very best to hog all the limelight.

Wang Ke did bother to fight him over it because Zhang Zhengdao’s attempts were futile. Princess Youyue had personally witnessed the things Wang Ke had done.

“So, it was Mr. Zhang who tracked me, and then Clan Lord Wang was the mastermind who rescued me. Clan Lord Wang, you are awesome! Thank you for everything!” Princess Youyue said in amazement.

Zhang Zhengdao’s face froze. Why? I said so much, and yet you praise Wang Ke, the great liar?Is it because of that great liar’s looks? He’s merely a little more handsome… Ptooey!How am I any worse than him?

“It’s the least I could do!” Wang Ke laughed.

All the credit had been hoarded by Wang Ke; Zhang Zhengdao showed an unpleasant look on his face.

“Oh yeah, Wang Ke, I’m the one who captured She Feng. Give me back She Feng’s jade pendant! Damn you for taking the only thing of any worth he had! Why don’t you just die from being poor! Hand it over! Give it back!” Zhang Zhengdao complained angrily.

“She Feng’s jade pendant? It’s not with me!” Wang Ke replied as he shook his head.

“If it’s not with you, then where is it?” Zhang Zhengdao asked, intrigued.

“It should be in the Zhu Cultivation Town right now. However, it should be back in a while!” Wang Ke explained.

Zhang Zhengdao: “................................!”

Princess Youyue: “................................!”

The jade pendant can fly back on its own?

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