Chapter 43.2 Wang Ke’s Past (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 43.2 Wang Ke’s Past (2/2)

No reason could justify trespassing the Empress' Residence because it would be the end for Zhu Yan once the dungeon was exposed.

No one had dared to go there after a few guards died of poisoning. That was why the patrols ran from Wang Ke when they heard he was going to the Empress' Residence.

The wine in the bottle was poisonous, and Wang Ke was completely unaware! He had already been at the Innate Stage before he left the empire. Although Zhu Yan believed he could overpower Wang Ke at the moment, why not use some poisonous wine again? One cup was surely enough to kill an Innate Stage cultivator!

Zhu Yan knew Wang Ke was an extremely vigilant person, so he was worried that the latter would not accept the wine. So, he decided to talk about their past. But then, Wang Ke accepted the wine? Awesome!

“Zhu Yan, aren’t you curious about why I’m here in your palace?” Wang Ke asked with the wine cup in his hand.

Wang Ke’s worry grew ass he looked at the string of beads on the emperor’s hand. Why is Princess Youyue’s bracelet in his hand?

“Why? Of course, you wanted to reminisce about the past with me! This is my first time pouring wine for someone in many years! Please!” Zhu Yan looked at Wang Ke.

I don’t care why you’re here. I have a secret now, and you’re insignificant. Just go and die!

“No, I have something that I need you to answer clearly!” Wang Ke said, shaking his head.

“We haven't seen each other in ages; there are no more conflicts of interest between us. I’m the emperor of the mortals, and you joined an immortal sect! Of course, you are welcome to be here. Ask away, I will answer you. But you have to drink first!” Zhu Yan said sentimentally as he shook his head.

Wang Ke glanced at Zhu Yan and already realized that something had to be wrong with the wine. Zhu Yan, you old kid, I even know what you’re pooping when you prop your ass... You insist that I drink the wine. Could it be poisoned?

But poison?Am I afraid of it?I’ve used every poison there is in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains to aid in my cultivation. The Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique makes me immune to all poisons!Whether it’s poisoned or not, I have nothing to be afraid of!

And so, Wang Ke gulped the wine down his throat.

Zhu Yan’s eyes glowed when he saw Wang Ke drinking the wine. It’s laced with antiarin; you will die almost immediately after drinking it. Haahah, Wang Ke, die!

“Okay, question time. I hope you’re not lying to me!” Wang Ke said, after taking a deep breath.

“Uhhh? You’re okay?” Zhu Yan was stunned.

Could it be that the poison hasn’t taken effect yet?Impossible. The guards died right after drinking it!

“Why would I not be okay? I don’t get drunk with just one cup! Didn’t we drink together in the past? You should know how much I can drink,” Wang Ke said with knitted brows.

Wang Ke was immune to all poisons. The poison in the wine just then was far less potent than those he had used for cultivating, so much so that he didn’t even realize the wine was poisoned.

But that was incomprehensible for Zhu Yan. Impossible!

“Come, let me serve you another!” Zhu Yan immediately poured another cup of wine for Wang Ke.

“Zhu Yan, what do you mean by this?” Wang Ke asked with a frown.

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“Drink. We will talk after you drink!” Zhu Yan urged.

Wang Ke’s face turned a little grim, but he didn't reject it because he wanted Zhu Yan to tell the truth. And so, he drank another cup of poisonous wine.

But still, nothing happened!

Zhu Yan’s face froze as he tightly grasped the wine bottle. What’s happening?Why doesn’t he show any reactions?Isn’t my wine laced with a potent poison?

Could it be... could it be that the empress changed the wine?

It must be... She must have unwittingly done it and used normal wine to fill this bottle. This dumb woman, didn’t I tell her before?This bottle is not to be touched, never! And she still changed it?Dumb woman!

“Zhu Yan, I’m trying to ask you something. Why are you intent on making me drink? Moreover, why aren’t you drinking? What are you trying to pull here” Wang Ke proclaimed.

“What could I possibly be doing? We haven’t met in years. We did have some conflicts back then, but now I have finally experienced the cold loneliness of sitting at the peak of authority. I have no one to share my feelings and thoughts with. I’m just happy and refreshed since a friend has paid me a visit and is talking to me as if I were just an ordinary person. I couldn’t help but ask you to drink more. Come, let me drink with you! Let’s drink and talk. There’s no secret between us… Whatever it is, just ask me!” Zhu smiled in reply; he then poured wine for Wang Ke and himself.

Wang Ke said, after taking a deep breath, “I didn’t come back here to drink. I really have a serious matter to deal with! I wanted to talk with you nicely, but don’t blame me for using force if you insist on not telling me.”

He drank the cup of wine right after.

“Feel free to ask, whatever it is! What’s your purpose for coming back? And you even sneaked into the palace?” Zhu Yan probed with a frown.

Meanwhile, he drank his own cup of wine.

“I wanted to ask where you got that beaded bracelet,” Wang Ke said grimly, pointing at the beads on Zhu Yan’s wrist.

Zhu Yan was appalled by the question. The bracelet was his greatest secret because it concealed his demonic Qi; not even the demons that aided in his demonization knew about it. Why was Wang Ke interested in it?

The importance of the beads was self-evident; whoever tried to probe about it had to die! Especially someone like Wang Ke!

Zhu Yan’s murderous aura instantly started burning. He didn't want to waste any more words with Wang Ke; he was ready to strike him dead while he was unguarded.

He was about to pounce onto Wang Ke, but somehow, his head throbbed in pain, and his ears started ringing.


A jet of blood shot out from Zhu Yan’s mouth, straight toward Wang Ke.

Wang Ke was astonished by this, but he managed to dodge it. The spat blood splashed on the ground and corroded the floor.

“The wine, the wine is poisonous?” Zhu Yan cried out in shock with eyes wide open. His face was as pale as a sheet.

Wang Ke: “..........................!”

What is happening?I’m not the wine who poisoned the wine!Don’t push the blame on me!

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