Chapter 47.1 Do you guys still remember me, Wang Ke? (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 47.1 Do you guys still remember me, Wang Ke? (1/2)

Zhu Cultivation Town—in a secret water dungeon of the She Clan.

Princess Youyue was locked up in one of the dungeon’s cages; she was shooting an icy stare icily at She Tianba, who was standing outside.

“Princess Youyue? I’m sure you didn't expect to be here again, especially in such a short time!” She Tianba mocked her, looking proud.

“She Tianba, it’s still too early to be confident!” Princess Youyue retorted sternly.

“Too early to be confident? Humph, the fact is, I should have been confident earlier! Only now did I learn that I had an ancestral aunt who has a high position in the Heavenly Wolf Sect! But why? Why did she neglect my clan? Have you any idea of the difficulties I’ve gone through to lead the She Clan? I begged to enter an immortal sect but was rejected, while she sat comfortably since she had an influential position. She showed no care to us! Why would she do that? And now she comes to find me, after all this time?” Anger flashed in She Tianba’s eyes.

“She Miejue came to find you, and yet you’re unhappy?” Princess Youyue couldn't understand him.

“If only she had come half a year earlier! Half a year earlier!” She Tianba bemoaned.

“You are not a demonic sect disciple. What are you complaining about? Isn’t it in your best interest that She Miejue refers you to the Heavenly Wolf Sect?” the princess asked with a confused frown.

But She Tianba coldly stared back at her, not offering any explanation.

“Forget it! I will pretend that I don’t have this ancestral aunt. She will send someone to fetch you within these few days! Try to leave before the time comes. Humph!” She Tianba said indifferently.

“She Miejue? She must be crazy! She put me here so you would keep an eye on me?” Princess Youyue complained in frustration.

“You talk to her! But I think you won’t live for long!” She Tianba laughed sinisterly.

“No, someone will come to rescue me very soon!” Princess Youyue rebutted, unwilling to accept her fate.

“Rescue you? Hahaha, do you know where you are? This is our She Clan’s water dungeon. No one can save you while you’re here!” She Tianba said.

“Wasn’t I rescued the last time? If it was done the last time, it can be done this time too!” The princess was confident.

“The previous time?” She Tianba’s face turned black.

The last time he had been fooled into handing over the princess, which was a great humiliation.

“No, it won’t happen this time. I was deceived by Wang Ke’s lies and confused by the voices outside. This time, I sealed this place so that no one is able to enter. I won’t hear any lies, there won’t be another rescue through deception!” She Tianba said in a calculating manner.

“You...!” Princess Youyue was dismayed.

“Just two more days, and my ancestral aunt’s people will be here to get you. I will be relieved of my responsibilities when you die! Don’t worry. Others will keep you company!” She Tianba laughed.

“Keep me company? Who?” The princess had a bad feeling.

“Who else? Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao, of course! They were really lucky to get themselves enrolled in the Heavenly Wolf Sect. I’m sure they care about whether you live or die!” She Tianba laughed.

“What do you mean?” Princess Youyue asked, clearly concerned.

“Nothing. If they want to rescue you, they will need to leave the Heavenly Wolf Sect. I guarantee you that they will die a miserable death!” She Tianba smirked.

“Impossible! You’re no match for them!” Princess Youyue started to become anxious.

The princess had quietly left her Longing Orb behind so that Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao could rescue her. She would feel awfully guilty if they died because of her!

“Hahaha, just you wait!” She Tianba cackled arrogantly.

“She Tianba, explain yourself! Why would Wang Ke be in danger when he steps out of the Heavenly Wolf Sect? Tell me!” Princess Youyue yelled behind the cell bars.

But She Tianba ignored her and walked to the other side of the dungeon.

There were members of the She Clan waiting for him.

“Clan Lord, will you be staying in the dungeon again today?” a clan member asked.

“Yes. Our ancestral aunt will be here in two days; we must make sure nothing goes wrong. Don’t let others know about this either, to avoid any mishaps!” She Tianba instructed.

“Don’t worry, Clan Lord, only three people in our clan know that the princess is here. The other clan members don’t even know about this place. We won’t make the same mistake as the last time!” the clan member responded respectfully.

“Yes. I heard too many rumors about Wang Ke from them! I was also deceived again and again by him. I won’t listen to any rumors this time! I will be here, cultivating in seclusion while our ancestral aunt arrives!” She Tianba agreed.

“Yes, Clan Lord!” the clan member acknowledged.

“My ancestral aunt gave me a flying sword; I will refine it well. You and the rest focus on managing the clan’s general matters. Nothing must go awry!” She Tianba commanded.

“Yes, Clan Lord!”

“You may go. No one is allowed to enter before my ancestral aunt arrives! Seal the place. I don’t want to hear a peep from the exterior!” She Tianba ordered.

“Yes, Clan Lord!” said the clan member before he left the dungeon. The dungeon’s stone gates were shut with a loud bang.

She Tianba then sat down cross-legged by a corner; he summoned his flying sword on his palm and began to refine it.

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As for Princess Youyue, She Tianba didn’t take anything from her because She Miejue had cast a protective mechanism on her, such that he couldn't even go near her!

“She Tianba, you better explain yourself! Why is Wang Ke in danger? Why?” Princess Youyue urged anxiously.

But She Tianba was fully focused on studying his flying sword.

The princess’ worry grew. I left the Longing Orb behind, which ended up harming Wang Ke?

It’s already been a month since; has Wang Ke already...?

The more she thought about it, the more worried she became. But just as her worry started to grow, she heard someone’s voice.

“Everyone! Do you guys still remember me, Wang Ke?”

The voice could hardly be heard, as though it was coming from the deepest part of her heart. She was astonished.

“Wang Ke’s voice? How is that possible?” Princess Youyue muttered in shock.

She immediately calmed herself and closed her eyes to sense the voice. She could see Wang Ke in her mind; he was dressed in a black robe while standing on a platform. He was surrounded by people on the platform. Is Wang Ke giving a speech?

Wang Ke is speaking to a crowd?What’s happening?Why do I see this in my mind?

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