Chapter 47.2 Do you guys still remember me, Wang Ke? (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 47.2 Do you guys still remember me, Wang Ke? (2/2)

Princess Youyue suddenly realized something.

I got it. It’s the Longing Orb! The artifact my mother gave me, the bracelet made with female Longing Orbs? My mother altered it in such a way that I’m telepathically connected to it. I can sense the scene and the beads’ location whenever they are close to me. She Miejue threw it away back in the mortals’ empire. And now, it’s nearby? I can even see what’s happening over there! Wang Ke! He found that string of beads and brought it here! He’s here to rescue me! Is he okay? He’s okay! She Tianba is lying to me!

Princess Youyue wiped her tears of joy.

She Tianba—who was refining his flying sword nearby—was at a loss. He was confused about what had happened to the princess.

Princess Youyue tried to make contact with the bracelet but to no avail; she could only sense the images and voices in the bracelet’s surroundings.

It was being worn by Wang Ke, who was standing on the platform, speaking eloquently to a massive audience.

Wang Ke, thank you for coming to rescue me! Princess Youyue sat down feeling gratified; she closed her eyes and gently watched Wang Ke in action.


Zhu Cultivation Town! In the main hall of a cultivation clan.


A teacup was smashed against the ground; a group of clan members was looking at their clan lord who had just smashed the teacup.

“She Tianba, what a bully! He told me to ask Wang Ke for the money? He borrowed the money from me back then. And now, the She Clan refuses to return the money, even injuring you guys when you also tried to recover the money?” That Clan Lord was incensed.

“That’s right, Clan Lord! Not only us; other clans went to seek repayment. All of them failed and ended up being beaten. Of course, many members of the She Clan were injured too. We…!” said a clan member with a bitter face.

“Clan Lord, when will you give us this month’s pay? My cultivation has reached a bottleneck; I need the money to buy spiritual herbs to overcome it!

“Lord, I had to fight a demonic beast with my life on the line to gather those spiritual herbs. You said our clan would pay me back accordingly. I really need those spirit stones, urgently. Clan Lord, could you…!”

“Clan Lord, I have no money to buy cultivation materials!”

“Clan Lord, when can I withdraw the savings I deposited in our clan? I’m running out of food!”




The clan members urged their clan lord.

“All you know is how to hurry me. I would have given you the money if I had it! The She Clan took all our money!” said that clan lord in frustration.

“Clan Lord, did you ever consult with us before you lent it to She Tianba to help in dealing with Wang Ke?” someone complained.

The other clan members were also exasperated due to their pressing need for money; they also joined in as they challenged their clan lord’s authority, which annoyed the clan lord even more. And so, a family conflict started, which was about to evolve into a mutiny.

But at that moment—while everyone was shouting at the top of their lungs—a house butler dashed into the hall.

“Clan Lord, a messenger came just now, claiming to have a way to resolve your troubles!” The butler presented a letter to the clan lord.

“Resolve my troubles? That would only happen if She Tianba returned the money!” The clan lord grumpily opened the letter nevertheless.

Only one string of words was written on it.

“Want your financial product investment back? The money She Tianba cheated from you too? Noontime. Gongyi Teahouse. Generous money distribution! Don’t be late!”

The clan lord’s eyelids twitched as he finished reading the message. He then clenched his fist.

Noontime?Gongyi Teahouse?Generous distribution of money?Generous distribution of money?Could it be…?

“Clan Lord? What’s the letter about?” a clan member asked.

“Money? There’s money? Quick! Summon all the clan members, we will head to Gongyi Teahouse. I really want to see where this money comes from!” The clan lord immediately gave the order.

The clan members present were stunned after hearing that there was money to be had. They quickly grabbed the letter and wondered who had sent it. However, the identity wasn’t as important; they would learn the truth at noontime. Nothing would be lost by going anyway! What if the letter was real! Of course, they had to go!

This didn’t just happen in that clan; similar things happened in most, if not all the clans in town. All the ordinary cultivators who had bought financial products had also received copies of that letter.

Before noon, Gongyi Teahouse was already swarmed with people.

Still, the teahouse’s employees seemed to be well prepared; they pointed everyone toward the back court.

The area was vast, like a spacious square; it could hold thousands of people.

The number of powerful cultivators gathered at the back court grew; all of them were curious about the purpose of gathering there. At the same time, they were keeping their eyes on the platform set in the middle of the place.

The crowd could faintly see a man sitting on an armchair behind the curtain on the platform; he was waiting patiently while sipping his tea.

“Where is the shopkeeper of this teahouse? What are you trying to do, gathering us here with such an ambiguous letter?”

“Yeah! Didn’t the letter say there would be a generous distribution of money? Where’s the money then?”

“Are you going to return our money on behalf of Wang Ke and She Tianba? Where’s the money?”

“We will smash this teahouse if we don’t see the money today!”




The vast back court was instantly flooded by clamoring voices. All the clan lords allowed their members to shout without restraint while they remained silent; they kept their focus on the person behind the curtain with narrowed eyes.

Who is that?He’s really bold, to gather all the powerful cultivators of this town!Isn’t he afraid of an uproar where he can end up being torn to pieces?

The shopkeeper shouted, “Noontime!”

Silence ensued in an instant, while the curtain was drawn slowly.

There was a man dressed in a black robe behind the curtain; he then stood up.

Everyone who saw his face had their eyes as wide as they would go. They were like hungry dogs, having just seen fleshy bones and being unable to contain the urge to pounce and eat him up alive!

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“Everyone! Do you guys still remember me, Wang Ke?”

The person behind the curtain was none other than Wang Ke! He put down the teacup and flashed a smile at the audience.

Do we still remember you, Wang Ke?We would recognize you even if you turned into ashes. You charlatan! You have the face to come back?

Return our money! Return our money now!

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