Chapter 27.2: Virtue Merits For Slaying Demons (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 27.2: Virtue Merits For Slaying Demons (2/2)

“Bull crap! I risked my life to scam them silly. I risked my life to dig through the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s ancestral grave. I earned this! Give me my reward now! There’s a seal on the storage bangle that you can’t break. Don’t try to cheat me out of my money!” Zhang Zhengdao jumped angrily.

Princess Youyue looked at the two of them awkwardly.

“Take a look,” said Wang Ke as he took out the storage bangle, reluctantly handing it over to Zhang Zhengdao, “Is it this one?”

“Yes, that’s the one. Give it to me, now!” Zhang Zhengdao snatched it over excitedly.

He only felt relieved after making sure that the seal was still there.

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After that, he used his essence energy to force the storage bangle open.


A series of muffled sounds could be heard from the storage bangle, caused by Zhang Zhengdao’s efforts.

“It has a password lock; it can’t be opened except by Zhang Shenxu himself. Why don’t you ask the princess for help?” Wang Ke suggested.

“No need. Zhang Shenxu is at the Golden Core stage. I’m also a Golden Core cultivator. His password, ptooey, the seal will be opened soon!” Zhang Zhengdao quickly placed the storage bangle behind his back, away from the other two.

“We’re not going to snatch it from you!” Princess Youyue said. Zhang Zhengdao’s actions were bizarre to her.

“Princess, I know you won’t snatch it from me. But I’m not sure about Wang Ke, this iron rooster. He hasn’t seen the treasures inside the bangle, or else he would surely pounce on me! This belongs to me. All the treasures inside are mine… I exchanged them with my life!” Zhang Zhengdao exclaimed, visibly agitated.

“Forget it, just let him be. Princess Youyue, you’re also at the Golden Core stage now. If it’s not too troublesome, could you help me break these seals too?” Wang Ke requested, looking at the princess.

“Sure!” Princess Youyue nodded.

Zhang Zhengdao was at a loss. Help you break seals?Don’t tell me you have more storage bangles?

While Zhang Zhengdao was still confused about the situation, Wang Ke took out five storage bangles from his chest pocket!

Five?Storage bangles?

Zhang Zhengdao’s jaw dropped. Where did Wang Ke get those bangles?

Before Zhang Zhengdao could ask, he saw Wang Ke take out six more storage bangles from his sleeves, pants, and shoes.

“Eleven? That’s impossible. I must be seeing things. Where did Wang Ke get that many storage bangles?” Zhang Zhengdao mumbled as he rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

“I only have these many. Sorry to trouble you, Princess Youyue. Let me take stock of my storage bag first!” Wang Ke sighed in amazement.

As he spoke, he took out thirty-two storage bags. Wang Ke’s body shrunk in the blink of an eye.

“Gulp!” Zhang Zhengdao swallowed his saliva.

“Wang Ke, where did you get so much good stuff? Did you pillage an immortal sect? When did you do that?” Zhang Zhengdao asked, glaring at him.

“Enough with the rubbish. Take out Zhang Shenxu’s stuff and give me back my storage bangle!” Wang Ke replied with a stare.

Seeing Wang Ke acting so coldblooded, Zhang Zhengdao said with a bitter face, “Humph. You’re such a petty man, to not even answer my question. I curse you so that you only find trash in those storage bangles and bags... Not even a pound of spirit stones!”

But how could there be nothing in those demons’ storage bags? Wang Ke opened each storage bag, and a bright light shone from the treasures contained within, lighting up the entire hall. Zhang Zhengdao’s eyes reddened with jealousy.

“Wang Ke, this storage bangle is already open. There’s a hundred thousand pounds of spirit stones, thirty medicine bottles, and some minor enchanted artifacts! Wah, there’s a flying sword?” Princess Youyue marveled as she handed over the first storage item.

The heart of the nearby Zhang Zhengdao thumped heavily. He felt desperate, eager to simply leap over and snatch everything from Wang Ke. But he no longer dared to act recklessly since Wang Ke had become Chen Tianyuan’s disciple.

“Oh? Sun Song’s flying sword? It’s so so. Princess Youyue, please open the other bangles too, thank you!” Wang Ke said.

“Piece of cake!” The princess continued cracking the password locks for Wang Ke.

Zhang Zhengdao’s teeth itched in envy. Still, he could only wish that there would be more treasures in Zhang Shenxu’s storage bangle. Zhang Shenxu’s storage seal was very strong, which made it extremely difficult for him to break.


Outside the Heavenly Wolf Sect—

Zhang Shenxu rested on a crane, wrapped in bandages; Zhang Li'er’s eyes burned in anger as he looked at him. She felt even more indignant after hearing her younger brother’s recount of the events.

“Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao? Don’t worry. I will avenge you!” Zhang Li'er said coldly.

“No, sister. I will claim revenge on my own! Let me do it myself!” Zhang Shenxu said with a murderous rage.


“No buts. I will rinse away this humiliation!” Zhang Shenxu was determined.

“Okay! But did they take away everything from you after you were struck down by lighting? Shall I go back and get them to return it to you?” Zhang Li'er was worried.

“It’s all right!” Zhang Shenxu responded with a deep voice.


“My white fan entered my body to protect me. It guarded my heart meridian, and it’s still inside my body. I didn’t lose it! Most of my possessions are inside the white fan! There’s nothing much inside the storage bangle; those are all worthless things, let them have it. I will take it as giving handouts to beggars. Humph, I shall exact my revenge later!” Zhang Shenxu said disdainfully.

“So, all the items in the storage bangle they snatched from you were rubbish? Okay then! Let’s forget about it. Humph!” Zhang Li'er snorted coldly.

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