Chapter 50.2 Zhang Zhengdao’s Assist (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 50.2 Zhang Zhengdao’s Assist (2/2)

In midair—Zhang Zhengdao heard Wang Ke yelling. He turned around and saw that thousands of people were supporting his friend.

His eyes grew round and wide.

Impossible. This is impossible! Wasn’t Wang Ke alone? Where did he find so many people to follow him? Are those from Zhu Cultivation Town? Aren’t they going to eat Wang Ke alive? Why are they supporting Wang Ke? Zhang Zhengdao flew over while in shock.

He could not understand what had happened. Weren't you guys going to kill Wang Ke?Why are you following him now?

I thought Wang Ke would be unable to deal with the She Clan and rescue Princess Youyue! That’s why I came here to drag him into deeper sh*t.But this... Doesn’t this mean I messed everything up?

“Zhang Zhengdao, didn’t I tell you to stay away from the town? Why did you come? You’re going to mess up everything! Your coming here is disrupting my plan! You want to be punished by your superior?” Wang Ke vilified him.

He could imagine that Zhang Shenxu and his men would arrive shortly after that numbskull. What do you want me to do now?I mobilized everyone and now is the key moment.

“I, I thought you needed help!” Zhang Zhengdao could only reply with a bitter face.

He knew he was in the wrong, having messed things up for Wang Ke. The situation would become pretty ugly if they couldn’t rescue Princess Youyue! But since he was already there, he could not simply say he was here to bring trouble; he could only say he was there to help.

“Do I need your help?” Wang Ke stared back at him. “We each have our own matters to take care of! You should mind your own responsibilities!”

“I? I... I can’t. Wang Ke, my essence energy is already running dry. I’ll die if I continue flying like this!” Zhang Zhengdao complained.

“Dead? Why would you die? Why are you intent on flying?” Wang Ke was surprised.

“It’s all your fault!” Zhang Zhengdao grumbled, “ Wherever I go, they know my location. What else can I do if I don’t fly? I’m going to die of exhaustion!”

“Did your brain go haywire?” Wang Ke shot him a stare and reprimanded him, “You used to be pretty smart. But now, why do you always go insane?”

“What do you mean?” Zhang Zhengdao was also staring unhappily.

“Flight is their forte. You’ve been trying to outrun them while going against their forte, even with your shortcomings? Something must be wrong with your head! Wang Ke explained.

“What else can I do if I don’t take to the skies?” Zhang Zhengdao’s voice turned soft as he spoke, as though he had realized something.

“They fly in the sky, while you can dig a tunnel. You dumba**, have you forgotten how you robbed tombs? Did you forget how to dig tunnels? What can they do to you? Use your forte to capitalize on others’ shortcomings! What else can it be if your brain didn’t go haywire?” Wang Ke rebuked him.

Zhang Zhengdao’s face froze.


Zhang Zhengdao gave himself a tight slap. I’ve been thinking about how Wang Ke dragged me into deep trouble all day and felt so terrible. Why didn’t I think of this idea?If I dig into the ground instead of flying, what can the cranes do? Can they dig faster than I do?


A crane squealed from afar.

“It’s too late,” Wang Ke’s face turned grim and said, “Zhang Zhengdao, will make sure you pay if the whole thing is ruined because of you! You won’t have enough time to dig a tunnel now. Go into the one that’s already made, the one you went through before!”

Wang Ke kicked Zhang Zhengdao’s butt and pushed him onto his flying sword.

“Wang Ke, I’m off!” Zhang Zhengdao wasn’t angered by that; he soared into the sky with his flying sword.

Damn it. This is too damn embarrassing. Why was I so dumb?Why was I trying to outrun a bunch of birds?

Zhang Zhengdao left and drew the cranes away too.

But the crowd had heard their conversation.

What’s happening?Isn’t Wang Ke just at the Innate Stage?How come he can scold and kick a Golden Core cultivator from the Golden Crow Sect?And that Golden Core stage cultivator was all right about it?

Which powerful senior took Wang Ke as a disciple? He has such a high standing now?He even dared to scold and kick a Golden Core stage cultivator that casually?Seems like Wang Ke now holds great authority in the Golden Crow Sect!

He holds great authority, huh?Then, wouldn’t it be a piece of cake to refer more disciples to the Golden Crow Sect?If Wang Ke likes me, he might even refer me to the Golden Crow Sect too. Wouldn’t that be a walk in the park?

Everyone instantly looked at Wang Ke with a burning passion.

Just when Wang Ke looked back at the crowd to stir their hearts further… he was met with thousands of exhilarated looks.

“Clan Lord Wang said it. We have to break the door. I’ll do it!”

No, I’ll do it!”

No, let me do it!”




The bunch of people vied to reach the clan’s doorsteps first.


The She Clan’s gates flew backward from the impact; the surrounding walls cracked due to the shockwave.

Wang Ke was stunned. Why did these people become so proactive all of a sudden?Are they no longer afraid to be the first to offend the She Clan?

They were indeed not afraid anymore; they were even trying to outdo one another for Wang Ke to see. There was nothing wrong with being the first! Because the early bird would catch the worm!

“Clan Lord Wang, what should we do next?” Everyone looked toward Wang Ke with zeal.

“Capture all She Clan members. Let none leave! Beat up whoever dares to flee, until their mothers have trouble recognizing them!” Wang Ke commanded.

“Will do~~~~~~!” everyone cried out in unison.

Instantly, they pounced into each and every corner of the She Clan like wolves.

All the She Clan members were bewildered and terrified, “Get out! Don’t come any closer. What are you doing? We are the She Clan. Aren’t you forgetting yourselves? Don’t come over!”


“Don’t hit me! Not the face!”

“Ouch! How dare you beat me up! Ouch!”


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She Tianba’s vile and despicable clan had finally experienced a baptism reserved for violent ruffians! It wasn’t about being the vilest; it was only about being viler! Those whom they had beaten were at the moment beating them silly with an even more merciless intent. What wrong did our She Clan do!?

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