Chapter 48.2: The Most Painful Thing (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 48.2: The Most Painful Thing (2/2)

“It’s all lies! Your princess was a fake, and you used her to trade for the real one kept by She Tianba. You also tricked us into buying entry tickets to look at the fake princess!” a clan lord howled.

Wang Ke interrupted before others pitched in, “This Clan Lord, has She Tianba poisoned your mind too? Do you believe in everything She Tianba says?”

“Me? I saw it with my own eyes; there were no traces of fighting in the Wang Clan. There was a tunnel in your manor… You even took away every piece of furniture and all the items from your home; not even the toilet rolls were left!” that clan lord replied, glaring at Wang Ke.

“Haha! Hahahaha! You saw it with your own eyes? If only you could use your brain and think about it, you would realize that it’s impossible!” Wang Ke rebutted with a disdainful chuckle.

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The rousers among the crowd took the opportunity and one said with a frown, “Now that I think of it. It doesn’t seem possible. Clan Lord Wang is the wealthiest person in the Zhu Cultivation Town; the richest! He earned so many spirit stones every day; why would he care about a measly toilet roll? This has to be a flaw; She Tianba was trying too hard to deceive us!”

Everyone was stunned. Indeed. He was the richest guy! He had quite a bit of wealth! Why would he mind about a toilet roll? No one would believe that.

“But your manor…!” That clan lord wanted to question further.

“You’re right. There were no traces of fighting. That’s because She Tianba bought my clan’s chef over and the man poisoned all of us. We were all subdued by the poison, how could there be a fight? As for the underground tunnel? I really don’t know. I have no idea where the underground tunnel came from! My guess is that the She Clan had the intention of destroying the Wang Clan a long time ago. They must have dug the underground tunnel a very long time ago. It’s all She Tianba’s doing! And in the end, he turned me into a scapegoat. Haha, can’t you see?” Wang Ke chided that clan lord.

All the powerful cultivators in the crowd were frowning ever so slightly. It seemed like they were having a hard time finding flaws in Wang Ke’s arguments.

“What about Zhang Shenxu from the Golden Crow Sect? He’s a Golden Core stage cultivator; I’ve seen him personally. He made She Tianba fly back with just a finger!” a clan lord asked.

“Come, shopkeeper. Come, hack me with your saber!” Wang Ke called out to the teahouse shopkeeper.

Everyone was unsure about what was about to happen. The shopkeeper walked up the stage and slashed at Wang Ke. An extremely powerful Qi-saber beam was shot from that saber, sweeping over a strong gust of wind; it was about to cut Wang Ke in two.


Wang Ke clamped the Qi-saber with two fingers.

“What! The shopkeeper is at the Innate Stage Level Two! And Wang Ke was able to stop the attack with only two fingers? Impossible! That is, unless he’s also a Golden Core stage cultivator!” someone shouted.

“You know nothing! This is just acting! Wang Ke and the shopkeeper were putting up an act. He didn’t really slash at him! Look again. The saber has been rigged; there are cracks on it,” one of the planted rousers explained.

Then, Wang Ke flicked his finger.


The shopkeeper disintegrated his own Qi-saber and the rigged saber also crumbled to pieces. He then wailed and flew backward, crashing into a wall behind him. The wall crumbled instantly; it also seemed to have been rigged.

That scene was similar to how Zhang Shenxu had defeated She Tianba with one finger.

It’s exactly the same! Everyone’s jaw dropped.

She Tianba was putting up an act? Just to avoid paying his debt? Zhang Shenxu was another fake? He was a liar whom She Tianba hired to act out the whole thing? Everyone came to that realization.

“Impossible, that’s impossible! Only disciples of the Golden Crow Sect have access to the material for Zhang Shenxu’s clothing. I work in the enchanted apparel business, so I can identify the material. The Golden Crow Sect’s clothing is unique; he’s definitely a disciple of the Golden Crow Sect!” someone cried out.

Everyone was confused. Wang Ke then took out a robe from his storage bag and threw it to the crowd, “Take a look! Is it this material?”

That was the robe that Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao had stripped from the Golden Core stage disciple in the Wolf Cultivation Town. It was the official uniform of a Golden Crow Sect’s Golden Core stage disciple.

The shopkeeper who had questioned Wang Ke jumped forward to inspect it; the rest looked at him curiously, waiting for his verdict.

“Hmm? Impossible. This is impossible. It’s an enchanted robe of a Golden Core stage cultivator from the Golden Crow Sect! Why do you have this?” He looked at Wang Ke in astonishment.

“Heh. You are still too ignorant. Don’t deny things without thinking! If She Tianba could find someone to pose as a Golden Crow Sect disciple, would finding a robe be that difficult? Suppose no one in the Zhu Cultivation Town sells it. Does it mean it’s not available for purchase in other cultivation towns? I bought this from another cultivation town. They had plenty of them. How many do you want? Tell me, I can help you make the purchase. What do you say?” Wang Ke said in contempt.

That shopkeeper had visited other cultivation towns before. How come I haven’t seen this before? But the truth was apparent; Wang Ke really had one! I really know too little! The shopkeeper’s face flushed; people no longer knew how to retort.

“No, no, that’s not right. You can say that the robe was bought, but what about the crane? Zhang Shenxu was riding a crane! I know their species; it’s the hallmark of the Golden Crow Sect!” another clan lord questioned, staring at Wang Ke.

“Oh yeah. The crane! The hallmark of the Golden Crow Sect! Zhang Shenxu was riding one! We all saw it!” Someone else chimed in.

But as Wang Ke waved his hand, a server of Gongyi Teahouse brought a brazier over.

Then, Wang Ke took a feather from his storage bag he had plucked from the crane they cooked. “Come, take a look. Is it this one?”

All the clan lords were stunned. They saw that Wang Ke’s feather was the exact same one as one of Zhang Shenxu’s mount.

“This is...?” a clan lord asked in confusion.

“You have been trapped in this town for too long; you are severely ignorant of the outside world. The unique mount of the Golden Crow Sect? Bulls**t! Haha, it is quite common in other places. I bought this from another cultivation town as well. Crane flesh can be consumed, while the feathers can be lit up for warmth,” Wang Ke explained.

He threw the feather into the brazier as he spoke.

Everyone’s jaw dropped again in bewilderment. He burned a crane feather for warmth? The crane is such a daemon-level bird!How can that be possible?

“Are you trying to destroy evidence by burning the feather?” another clan lord asked him unrelentingly.

But the next moment, Wang Ke took out a handful of crane feathers and gave them to the clan lords.

“Hold onto them; I have plenty more. You guys should try the feeling of burning it too!” said Wang Ke to the audience.

These are daemon-level crane feathers! For burning? Wang Ke used to have a shop which sold all kinds of feather garments; if only those feathers were used!

The group inspected the feathers. Everyone fell silent after confirming that the feathers were the same as those of Zhang Shenxu’s mount.

Couldn’t people simply warm themselves with firewood?This is beyond wasteful!It’s like trampling on treasures! But Wang Ke had to do it. He could conceal the feather’s traces if they were placed inside his storage bangle. He had to burn them quickly since he had taken them out, or else the other cranes from the Golden Crow Sect would sense them quickly!

“Why? Isn’t this a waste?” a clan lord could not bear to burn it.

“The lives of wealthy people are just so mundane and ordinary, dry and boring!” Wang Ke replied as he patted that clan lord’s shoulder.

The meaning between the lines was obvious; that clan lord’s poverty limited his vision of a rich man’s life.

All the clan lords really wanted to retort, but Wang Ke was merely putting out the truth. They had no way to talk back at this point!

A clan lord suddenly stood up. “Fake. It’s all fake! She Tianba’s words were all lies? He cheated us out of our money! He viciously swindled our money!”

“Even the Golden Crow Sect disciple was fake! Three Immortal Zhang? Bulls**t! Did he take us for fools?”

“He refused to pay us back the money he cheated from us, and he even beat our people up! She Tianba, you liar!”

“My entire clan’s savings! My entire clan’s savings!”




Once they confirmed that Zhang Shenxu was fake, all the clan lords were filled with hatred for She Tianba. Damn you! You think we’re fools?Leading us in circles with your lies?

“Everyone, do you know what’s the most painful thing in this world?” Wang Ke asked.

Everyone looked toward Wang Ke.

“The most painful thing in this world is: Being alive, but you ran out of money!” Wang Ke said in all sincerity.

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