Chapter 10.1: Zhang Shenxu (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 10.1: Zhang Shenxu (1/2)

At the entrance of the Zhu Cultivation Town!

Two men stood there. One of them wore a blue robe, standing respectfully beside the other handsome and elegant-looking man in a white robe. The handsome man had a white folding fan in his hands; he looked down at the mud he had stepped on with disgust, as though he was obsessed with cleanliness.

The white-robed man opened his white fan and asked condescendingly, "This is the Zhu Cultivation Town?"

The man in the blue robe glanced at the celestial cranes circling in the sky before responding respectfully, "That is correct, Immortal sir, this is the Zhu Cultivation Town. My Clan Lord sent me to inform the Golden Crow Sect that we had caught Princess Youyue. I saw it personally. She's now locked up in the She Clan. Thank you for bringing me back on your immortal mount so swiftly, or else we wouldn't have been back this quickly. He will surely greet us happily since we’ve arrived earlier than expected. Immortal, sir, should I send people to inform my Clan Lord?"

The white-robed man fanned himself as he replied in a deep voice, "No need for that. I want to see Princess Youyue as soon as possible. Take me there straight away!" 

“Yes, sir!” the man in blue robe answered submissively.

The two of them entered into the Zhu Cultivation Town.


Inside the She Clan’s great hall.

All the Clan Lords in the Zhu Cultivation Town had gathered again.

“Clan Lord She, I heard that Immortal Zhang is gone. Is that true?” one of the Clan Lords asked a little nervously.

Bloodstains could still be seen at the corner of She Tianba’s lips. He seemed to have just found out about it and was so furious that he vomited blood. The Clan Lords heard the news and went to see him before he could even wipe the blood off.

“Clan Lord She, I already heard about it. While having a look at the town, that so-called Immortal Zhang entered a small hut and escaped through an underground tunnel? He’s a fake. Why did you believe in him?”

"Fake? Another fake? Clan Lord She, you did it on purpose, right? You’re trying to squeeze more money out of us, right? Quick, give me back my clan’s spirit stones!”

“And mine! Clan Lord She, return my money now! Those were all our clan’s savings!”

“Clan Lord She, you’re the one who lost Princess Youyue. You shouldn’t take our money to make up for your losses!”




All the Clan Lords panicked. The contract they had previously signed before “Immortal Zhang” was all bulls**t! The placements for the Golden Crow Sect were also bulls**t! It was fake. All of it was fake.

Both the ordinary residents and the Clan Lords were going after She Tianba to recover their money.

They had just lent She Tianba everything their clans had, but then the money went up in smoke. All the Clan Lords were going crazy, demanding furiously for She Tianba to return their money.

“Everyone, it’s all my fault. I lacked the proper judgement. I really didn't expect Wang Ke to be so despicable. He caught She Feng, my messenger to the Golden Crow Sect. His subordinate used She Feng’s belongings as proof of identity and pretended to be a disciple from the Golden Crow Sect to scam me a second time! I will never forgive Wang Ke! Pfff!” She Tianba vomited blood once again.

“Wang Ke lied to you? So you lied to us then?”

“Clan Lord She, are you blind? Wang Ke had already deceived you with Immortal Zhang. You still fell for his trap when he used Immortal Zhang again? Are you blind? Immortal Zhang, Immortal Zhang... How could you believe it?”

“She Clan Lord, it’s the second time already. The second time! You fell into Immortal Zhang’s trap two times. This time you've really dragged us into a deep pit. No, we will not give up. You must return the money to us!”

“Yeah, Clan Lord She. You’re the one who was deceived. But our contract is signed in black and white. You must return the money you owe us!”

“Clan Lord She, you’re too vicious. Return our hard-earned money!”




All the Clan Lords cried out furiously.

She Tianba was deeply regretful. Yeah, why am I such a fool? How could I be duped in such a way?Immortal Zhang?Wang Ke came to trick me with the same name again… Why was I such a fool to believe in it?Why? Why!

Thinking about it from a normal person’s perspective, Wang Ke had just snatched Princess Youyue from under his nose; he shouldn't have risked going back. But, how could She Tianba know that Wang Ke would have such a bold plan, to actually send another person to swindle him again? How can he be this bold? Moreover, he used the name “Immortal Zhang” again. Wang Ke was truly experienced in swindling! If not, he wouldn't have come up with such effective and decisive plans!

It was precisely because the second swindler was also called “Immortal Zhang” that he also excluded the possibility that the man was also a swindler under Wang Ke’s orders. But the fact was that this Immortal Zhang had indeed been one of Wang Ke’s evildoers!

To She Tianba, Wang Ke was a real source of trouble; he took his Princess Youyue and his heirloom treasures—the Water and Dust Repellent Beads. Wang Ke scammed him of all his clan’s savings and deceived him into owing the entire town money.

“Wang Ke, Wang Ke! Pfff!” She Tianba vomited another mouthful of blood out of rage.

“Clan Lord She, it’s no use vomiting blood. You still have to repay the money you owe us!” a Clan Lord said unforgivingly, “The She Clan was the most powerful cultivation clan in the Zhu Cultivation Town. But if we work together, you may not be undefeatable.” All the Clan Lords were desperate to get their money back. The atmosphere was so tense that you could cut the air with a knife.

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Everyone instantly drew their weapons as though they were going to fight if the She Clan refused to pay.

“Everyone, you’re really forcing me into a dead end!” She Tianba cried out hatefully.

Where do I get 150,000 pounds of spirit stones to reimburse you!

“Give us our money!” all the Clan Lords roared.

A great battle was about to begin in the great hall. Weapons were pointed at the She Clan members, and everyone was glaring with a murderous intent.

At that moment, a voice was heard outside the great hall.

“Clan Lord, She Jingyun returned from the Golden Crow Sect. He brought back a Golden Crow Sect’s disciple. They are already at the gate. She Jingyun asked me to send word to you in advance so you could prepare to welcome our guest!”

“Another Golden Crow Sect’s disciple?” Everyone in the hall was stunned.

“A disciple from the Golden Crow Sect?” She Tianba looked outside the hall.

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