Chapter 10.2: Zhang Shenxu (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 10.2: Zhang Shenxu (2/2)

“Yes, She Jingyun said that this disciple has a prestigious status in the sect. He could be the actual owner of the bounty placed for Princess Youyue. He’s called Zhang Shenxu, Immortal Zhang! Clan Lord, please show hospitality to him!” the voice on the outside replied.

“Immortal Zhang. The Immortal Zhang who set up the bounty to capture Princess Youyue? A 3rd Immortal Zhang?” She Tianba glared towards the entrance of the hall.

All the Clan Lords were in shock. What’s happening?Another swindler?

“Immortal Zhang? Another Immortal Zhang? Wang Ke, you’re such a bully! You think I’m an easy target? Again and again? You think that I’m stupid?” She Tianba roared.

She Tianba was beyond infuriated at the moment. He rushed out of the hall while grabbing his long saber. She Tianba had so much anger to vent; since one of the culprits was here, She Tianba was going to teach him a lesson about the consequences of offending him.

She Tianba stomped out of the great hall furiously, and no one blocked his path. All the Clan Lords looked at each other and followed behind She Tianba in confusion. After all, they had all lost 150,000 pounds of spirit stones for nothing. They had to get the money back.

The throng of people walked out of the She Clan’s gate aggressively.

On the other side, the blue robed man called She Qingyun, led the white-robed Zhang Shenxu into the She Clan’s gate respectfully.

“Immortal Zhang, I have sent someone to inform my Clan Lord of your arrival. He should be here to welcome you soon!” She Jingyun said.

“Good!” “Zhang Shenxu nodded, pleased with the proceedings. At the same time, he scanned his surroundings.

Most of the She Clan members went out of town to search for Wang Ke and his men; only a few servants remained in the premises. At this moment, when the servants saw She Jingyun leading a white-robed gentleman into the residence, they wanted to say something but didn't in the end.

The servants knew that the clan was in big trouble, but they were too lowly and knew too little to dare to speak up. Let the Clan Lord explain for himself. I’m just a lowly servant. Why should I chatter needlessly?

At that moment, they were able to hear a flurry of steps from afar.

“The Clan Lord is here!” She Jingyun’s eyes sparkled.

But the view that entered his eyes was She Tianba with his long saber drawn as he led a throng of armed men. Their aggressiveness made She Tianba look even more domineering. But She Jingyun was unable to understand why. Aren’t those men the Clan Lords of the Zhu Cultivation Town? Why are they here?

“Who is Immortal Zhang?” She Tianba shouted.

She Jingyun was stunned. What’s wrong with my Clan Lord? Why was his tone so aggressive?

Just when She Jingyun was about to explain, Zhang Shenxu asked with a frown, “I am Zhang Shenxu from the Golden Crow Sect. Are you Clan Lord She?”

“Zhang Shenxu? Immortal Zhang? Haha! Hahahaha! You c*nt, you think I, She Tianba, is easy to fool? I’m not going to kill you today. I will cut off your limbs and hang you on the town’s tallest building for ten days and ten nights! C*nt, take my blade!” She Tianba roared.

“Clan Lord!” No!” She Jingyun cried out.

Is the Clan Lord crazy?He’s going to kill a Golden Crow Sect disciple?Is he trying to destroy the She Clan?

A pity. She Jingyun’s cry was too late. She Tianba slashed with his saber, and a massive saber Qi was shot across the air. The saber Qi generated violent gusts that swayed everything in the courtyard. That slash was aimed at Zhang Shenxu’s arm to cripple him.

Zhang Shenxu gave him an icy look. He closed his white fan and stretched out his right hand.

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A loud explosion was heard, which swept up clouds of dust all around. Next, everyone then saw how Zhang Shenxu had clamped She Tianba’s saber Qi with just two fingers.

“Wh... what?” Everyone was stupefied.

She Tianba’s heart skipped a beat. The opponent had stopped his saber Qi with ease, which meant he had to be at least at the Golden Core Stage. If Wang Ke had a Golden Core subordinate, why did he settle down and made a living in the Zhu Cultivation Town? Could it be.... that this person had nothing to do with Wang Ke?

“Humph!” Zhang Shenxu let out a cold snort and flicked his finger.


She Tianba’s saber Qi exploded along with the long saber in his hands. She Tianba flew backward and brutally crashed into a faraway wall.

“Bamm!” “Pfff!” ”

She Tianba vomited a mouthful of blood and was buried by a pile of bricks.

All the Clan Lords were aghast. That’s She Tianba! The most powerful man in the Zhu Cultivation Town had been defeated while his opponent only used two fingers?This... Is this person the Immortal Zhang from the Golden Crow Sect?

“Clan Lord, why... why did you offend Immortal Zhang?” She Jingyun was in great shock.

“Immortal Zhang, please forgive us. Something must’ve happened. Our Clan Lord has unrivaled respect for the Golden Crow Sect!” She Jingyun immediately knelt down and asked for mercy.

Zhang Shenxu said coldly, “I don’t care about what mistakes you’ve made. I want to see Princess Youyue now. Or else, don’t blame me for killing everyone here!”


In a cave outside the Zhu Cultivation Town.

“Princess Youyue! Zhang Zhengdao said that I can become a disciple of the Heavenly Wolf Sect as long as I rescue you and escort you back. Is that true?” Wang Ke looked at Princess Youyue expectantly.

“I don’t really know. My mum’s empire was overturned, and I’m only an unwanted nobody. I don’t know if the Heavenly Wolf Sect will still grant me this favor! I’m wanted by the Golden Crow Sect, and yet the Heavenly Wolf Sect showed no concern about it. I’m afraid...!” Princess Youyue laughed bitterly.

Her tone was filled with desolate emotions. She apparently didn’t feel confident to give him a positive answer.

Wang Ke looked toward Zhang Zhengdao with anger and contempt as he took out Zhang Zhengdao’s folded fan. That fan was ebony in color, and if Wang Ke were at the She Clan’s mansion at the moment, he would have found out that the folded fan had the same design as Zhang Shenxu’s white folded fan; they were only different in color. Wang Ke was about to break the black fan in half.

“Don’t! That’s my lifeblood. Wang Ke, don’t destroy it! I didn't lie to you!” Zhang Zhengdao cried out fearfully.

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