Chapter 9.2: How Can a Pheasant Match With a Phoenix? (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 9.2: How Can a Pheasant Match With a Phoenix? (2/2)

She Tianba waited outside the hall to give time for the Clan Lords to discuss. A while later, the Clan Lords finally agreed.

Despite their forceful ways of doing things, the She Clan was the most powerful cultivation clan after all; no clan could stand against them. However, if all the clans worked together, the She Clan would be helpless against their combined forces. That was why the Clan Lords felt assured. Most importantly, there was great profit to be had!

“Fine, Clan Lord She, we shall do as you say!” all the Clan Lord agreed.

“Haha, thank you so much, everyone. After I pass this trial, the She Clan will surely repay everyone handsomely!” She Tianba said delightfully.

“Okay, we should make the arrangements to find Wang Ke and Princess Youyue immediately. Meanwhile, we will bring our money to the She Clan’s mansion, then you’ll introduce us to Immortal Zhang and we’ll sign our mutual agreement with him as the witness,” a Clan Lord said solemnly.

“Sure!” She Tianba replied.

Everyone left to make the necessary arrangements while She Tianba clenched his fists outside the hall with a ferocious look.

“Wang Ke, all the major clans in the Zhu Cultivation Town want to destroy you. Humph, this time you cannot flee, even if you have wings! I will tear you to pieces. I’ll turn your male clan members into slaves and all the females into prostitutes. I’ll be sure to give your entire clan hell!” She Tianba said, full of hatred in his tone.


In a cave outside the Zhu Cultivation Town.

Wang Ke explained to Princess Youyue and Zhang Zhengdao about the use of She Feng’s jade pendant. Zhang Zhengdao and Princess Youyue’s jaws dropped in awe after his explanation.

“Brother Wang, you asked another person to impersonate a Golden Crow Sect’s disciple to scam She Tianba yet again?” Zhang Zhengdao asked in astonishment.

“That’s not a scam! It’s called righteous retribution. You know nothing!” Wang Ke threw Zhang Zhengdao a glare.

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“No, what I mean is… why are you only ripping him off? How inhumane!” Zhang Zhengdao said with a peculiar look on his face.

Wang Ke stared at Zhang Zhengdao and said, “Why did I only rip She Tianba off? Can you call that a rip-off? Have you considered the princess’ two subordinates? They were killed by She Tianba. He killed people, and yet you’re considerate of him?”

The thought of her own subordinates dying under She Tianba’s hands also killed what little sympathy Princess Youyue had for She Tianba.

“Moreover, She Tianba wants to destroy my entire clan! He wants to kill me. So what if I take a bit of his money? So what!” Wang Ke continued staring at Zhang Zhengdao.

“Can you really call that ‘a bit’? This is actually stripping him bare! Oh no, not only did you take all of the She Clan’s money, you took the money of all the major clans in the Zhu Cultivation Town and swept them away. Not only did She Tianba lose all his money, he was also left with a massive debt!

“You...You... You.......!” Zhang Zhengdao said with wide-opened eyes.

“You reap goodness if you sow goodness; you reap evil when you sow evil. This is just karma!” Wang Ke said, shaking his head.

“You mean, an evildoer will eventually receive his retribution from another evildoer?” Zhang Zhengdao said in a suspicious tone.

“Zhang Zhengdao, what is wrong with you today? This has never happened before! Why are you showing sympathy toward She Tianba?” Wang Ke looked at Zhang Zhengdao in astonishment.

“I just feel that you were really selfish... Why, why didn’t you let me join in!” Zhang Zhengdao complained angrily.

Wang Ke was stunned. “Don’t tell me, are you jealous of the little money I made and now you want to get a share of the spoils?”

“Can I?” Zhang Zhengdao pleaded.

“Get lost!” said Wang Ke as he threw a glare at Zhang Zhengdao.

“I knew it! You’re an iron rooster! You Petty Wang!

TL: “Iron rooster” is a Chinese metaphor for a petty person, because no one can pluck any feathers from an iron rooster. The surname “Wang” also means “king.”Ptooey! Zhang Zhengdao complained angrily.

Princess Youyue observed the two of them in a daze, as though she couldn't understand what was happening in their conversation. What’s with these two?Do they sympathize with She Tianba or not?

“Forget it. I knew it, Wang Ke. You are an iron rooster, the Petty King. I can only dream of getting money from you. I can only stop thinking about it. However, you should at least tell me how much you scammed from them this time, don’t you think? Satisfy my curiosity!” Zhang Zhengdao looked toward Wang Ke again, eager to know.

“I don’t know. I asked my big cousin brother to act as a Golden Crow Sect’s disciple to trick She Tianba. The results should be out soon!” Wang Ke said.

At that moment, footsteps could be heard coming from outside the cave.

“Someone’s coming?” Zhang Zhengdao’s face immediately turned serious as he took hold of a longsword.

Princess Youyue also became anxious, thinking it was She Tianba’s men who were searching for them.

“Don’t worry. I recognize those footsteps. It’s my big cousin brother. He’s here with the good news!” Wang Ke held the two back and assured them. Soon after, a man entered the cave with a brisk pace.

“Greetings, Clan Lord!” the man said respectfully.

“Big cousin brother, how was the harvest?” Wang Ke asked with a smile.

The man said respectfully, “Clan Lord, I did everything according to your instructions. I pretended to be a Golden Crow Sect’s disciple and obtained a total of 200,000 pounds of spirit stones from the She Clan. I found an opportunity while touring around the streets of the Zhu Cultivation Town and fled the town quietly from a premade underground tunnel to rendezvous with you. Clan Lord, please advise me about how you want to allocate the spirit stones!”

“200,000 pounds of spirit stones!” Zhang Zhengdao cried out in great shock.

His eyes turned red and he began to breathe faster. He could barely hold himself back from pouncing on the big cousin brother to strip him clean of all his money, even if he had to kill the man.

“200,000 pounds? Yes, it should be around that amount. Okay, distribute it according to the ratio I planned earlier!” Wang Ke said with a deep voice.

“Yes, Clan Lord!” the big cousin brother acknowledged.

“This is a critical period. Be careful. Leave as soon as you can!” Wang Ke reminded him in a serious tone.

“Thank you for your concern, Clan Lord. We’ve been running operations in our hiding place for many years; no one can find us except you, Clan Lord. Don’t worry, I’ll be taking my leave now! Oh yes, let me return She Feng’s jade pendant, Clan Lord.” The big cousin brother respectfully handed over the ornament.

“Good!” Wang Ke nodded.

Zhang Zhengdao’s eyes turned into an envious red as he fiercely stared at Wang Ke. 200,000 pounds of spirit stones! You iron rooster! You’re not going to share even a single pound with me?

“Oh yes, I have another thing for Zhang Zhengdao. Is this him?” The big cousin brother suddenly looked toward Zhang Zhengdao.

Zhang Zhengdao’s eyes glowed. He suddenly began to laugh along. “Wang Ke, you’re still conscientious... You did prepare something for me!”

Wang Ke was confused. When did I say I was going to share my earnings with you?What does big cousin brother mean?

And then, his big cousin brother took out a letter and passed it to Zhang Zhengdao.

“Big cousin sister asked me to give you this. She said that something was inappropriate to be said upfront, so she could only write it in a letter. She requested that I give this to you personally. Now, the letter is in your hands and I can rest assured. Goodbye!” The big cousin brother cupped his fists at everyone and left the cave.

Wang Ke and Princess Youyue were bewildered as they looked at the letter in Zhang Zhengdao’s hands.

“Is it a love letter from Big cousin sister to you?” Princess Youyue asked with sparkling eyes.

“Big cousin sister went too deep into the romance scene and cannot extricate herself?” Wang Ke asked, surprised.

Big cousin sister’s love letter? Zhang Zhengdao remembered the beard stubble on the big cousin sister’s face and his body trembled instinctively. Then he roughly flung the letter to the ground.

“Wang Ke, you’re such a bully!” Zhang Zhengdao stared at Wang Ke.

Wang Ke shook his head and replied, “It has nothing to do with me! You haven’t even read the letter!” 

Princess Youyue, who was right beside them, picked up the letter. She opened and quickly read it aloud:

“Zhang Zhengdao, while we were acting out a romantic scene earlier, I was able to see your intentions to get together with me. But, how can a pheasant like you match with a phoenix like me? You’re not allowed to love me! And I will never love you! This letter is to warn you. Do not entertain such flights of fancy! You’re a good man. You can find someone better for yourself!”

Zhang Zhengdao: “................................!”

Wang Ke: “..........................!”

Princess Youyue: “................................!”

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