Chapter 3.2: Fraud (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 3.2: Fraud (2/2)

“Brother Wang, why are you doing this?” Zhang Zhengdao asked anxiously.

“There are benefits to using my big cousin-sister to impersonate the princess; people are less likely to doubt her. Moreover, she’s good at acting out love dramas! She will make for a fine partner when the time comes! It would be impeccable!” Wang Ke explained.

What’s the use of having good acting skills? Who would believe this ugly woman to be Princess Youyue?

“Hold on! What do you mean by love drama? How am I involved in this?” Zhang Zhengdao’s expression changed.

“You’ll know when the time comes!” Wang Ke smiled as he replied.

That smile gave Zhang Zhengdao a cold shiver.

“Brother Wang... I believe it’s best not to trouble you... You just pretend I never came here... Okay?” Zhang Zhengdao said with his face twitching.

“What do you think?” Wang Ke asked with a stern face.

“But... But... I see no hope! Princess Youyue is a princess after all, how can she look like your big cousin-sister? How do you expect others to believe it!” Zhang Zhengdao asked. He was about to cry.

“This is what I’m going to do next!” Wang Ke said with a deep voice.

“Do what?”

“Create a movement!” Wang Ke’s eyes were filled with determination.


The Zhu Cultivation Town, in one of She Clan’s great halls!

A group of core members of the She Clan were gathered around a muscular man and drank tea. The latter had a fierce and intimidating look; he gave off a pressurizing aura just by sitting there. Only the Clan Lord, She Tianba, had such an aura.

“Clan Lord, the Wang Clan started selling financial products yesterday. I went to spy and saw that many in the town had desperately made purchases. This time they must have raked in at least 20,000 pounds worth of spirit stones!” a She Clan member reported respectfully.

“20,000 pounds?” She Tianba’s eyes narrowed.

“Is that right? They would need to return everything along with interests a year later; that would be 24,000 pounds of spirit stones. Will the Wang Clan have that much money?” another She Clan member said.

“Wang Ke has been in the Zhu Cultivation Town for ten years. He’s done business with a deficit and has really good business tactics. He also claimed he would use the money gained from the financial products to hire a better apothecary and a blacksmith. He should be making some money!”

“The Wang Clan is going to earn the big bucks this time!”

“Yeah, a merchant clan became one of the four major cultivation clans in town within ten years. Humph, that’s really...!”




A group of She Clan members talked among themselves with envy.

But She Tianba laughed coldly and said, “It’s okay. Let them earn more!”

“Clan Lord, the Zhu Cultivation Town considers our She Clan as the leading force. How can we simply allow Wang Ke, an outsider, to sweep away the spirit stones in our territory?” a She Clan member complained unhappily.

She Tianba sipped his tea. “Although Wang Ke has paid me much courtesy, raw power is still the most important thing for cultivation clans,” he replied with a cold laughter, “Making money huh? They must be able to guard the money they earn first!”

“Clan Lord, are you going to take him out?” a She Clan member asked with glowing eyes.

“The goat is fat enough now. It’s time to slaughter it!” She Tianba said and laughed sinisterly.

“Oh?” All the She Clan's members’ eyes sparkled.

“But first, there’s a much more important matter to take care of first!” She Tianba said deeply.

Everyone’s faces turned serious after that remark.

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“While being a cultivation clan, we have only surpassed the average mortals; we’re still far away from the real immortal sects. Immortal sects have real cultivation techniques through which we can achieve immortality. We can only see ourselves as immortals after we enter an immortal sect. Heaven gave us an opportunity this time. We captured Princess Youyue, and for that we’ll have five placements in the Golden Crow Sect when they come for her! Five! Our clan will definitely prosper! She Tianba said excitedly.

“Yeah, the Golden Crow Sect is one of the top immortal sects in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains! We’re just one step away from making this happen! Such a great fortune!” all the She Clan members said excitedly.

“We mustn't let others know to prevent trouble from coming our way! We need to keep this to ourselves! Let’s deal with the fat goat Wang Ke after we settle matters with the Golden Crow Sect!” She Tianba said with a deep voice.

“Yes, sir!” the group of She Clan members acknowledged respectfully.

“Clan Lord, where are you hiding Princess Youyue? Would there be a risk of accidents happening?” a She Clan member asked with worry.

“Hmm?” She Tianba shot him a stare.

“I... I’m just worried about it... Let’s hope nothing happens!” that member said with concern.

“Humph. Nothing’s going to happen. It’s best that no one tries prying about Princess Youyue’s whereabouts, only I know where she’s held. Just wait patiently and don’t overthink. I will decide on how to distribute the reward once everything settles!” She Tianba said coldly.

“Yes, sir!” the group of She Clan members acknowledged respectfully.

No one dared to ask further. Only She Tianba knew where Princess Youyue was being held.

“It’s only half a month... It’ll be over in the blink of an eye. Nothing will go wrong!” She Tianba said with a deep voice before taking a sip of his tea.

At that moment, a servant rushed into the main hall anxiously.

“Clan Lord, Clan Lord! Bad news!” that servant said with a grave tone.

“What happened?” She Tianba asked coldly.

“Just now, news came from the gate of the Zhu Cultivation Town. Wang Ke brought a throng of his clan members and captured Princess Youyue, the one wanted by the Golden Crow Sect!” the servant reported with unease.

“What?” She Tianba raised his brow.

“Impossible!” the group of She Clan members stood up immediately and cried out in shock.

We’ve already locked her up. How come there’s another Princess Youyue?

“It’s true. Now everyone in town knows about it; they’re even fighting to see her and know what she looks like. All the town is flooding the town’s gate!” the servant reported.

She Tianba’s face twitched; the hand that was holding the tea up shivered.

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