Chapter 30.1: Turbid Essence Qi (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 30.1: Turbid Essence Qi (1/2)

More than half a month later! 
Outside the Heavenly Wolf Sect!

Zhang Zhengdao was escorting a convoy, but was then stopped at the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s gate.

“What are you doing? I’m a Guest Elder of the Heavenly Wolf Sect. You don’t recognize me, Zhang Zhengdao?

“What? You want to inspect our goods? How dare you! You’re just a low-level disciple… What gives you the right? I want to see the Sect Lord. Are you suspecting me, a Guest Elder? Is this position of mine just for decoration? Why don’t you inspect Chen Tianyuan’s storage bag as well? How dare you check my things? Who do you think you are!




Zhang Zhengdao talked with the disciples on duty with an extremely angry and bossy tone.

Murong Luguang’s face blackened upon seeing that.

A junior disciple whispered to Murong Luguang, “Eldest apprentice-brother, Zhang Zhengdao is not easy to deal with. Do we still need to go and inspect him?” 
“It’s been more than ten days. Zhang Zhengdao has been escorting a convoy to the Sword-study Peak. What are they carrying? Why is a poisonous miasma enveloping the carts?” Murong Luguang frowned.

“I’m not sure. But they seem to be poisonous materials!”

Poison? Murong Luguang thought, frowning.

“Eldest apprentice-brother, you were tasked with guarding our sect’s gate for some time, all to atone for past actions. But in contrast, Wang Ke has gained so many benefits! I heard that our Sect Lord allowed Wang Ke to study cultivation techniques freely inside our Cultivation Technique Library. We can only read them after making some contributions. What gives him the right to do that?”

“Humph. Let him read. I’m sure he can’t learn them that quickly!” said Murong Luguang disdainfully.

“I also heard that Princess Youyue lives on the Sword-study Peak. Do you think Wang Ke will…!”

“Doesn’t Wang Ke like men?” Murong Luguang asked with a frown.

“We thought so too. But he was molesting demons before he used the Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array to strike them down! He molested both male and female demons! This brat really is like a freak!”

Murong Luguang’s face turned grim. “Princess Youyue?” he said, “She misunderstood me; it’s useless now even if I go! Wait until my revered teacher returns and clears up all my punishments, then I will think of something!”

“Princess Youyue will surely be yours, eldest apprentice-brother. As for Zhang Li'er, something went wrong because of Wang Ke this time, but I believe that you’ll surely mesmerize her with your charms. She will come seeking after you!”

Murong Luguang felt better after hearing that. “Okay, that Zhang Zhengdao is just a worthless sham. Let’s not search him, lest the problem grows bigger and reaches the Sect Lord’s ears! But do go and investigate why Wang Ke is gathering so much poisonous material!”

“Yes, eldest apprentice-brother!” that junior disciple acknowledged.

Nearby, Zhang Zhengdao knew that Murong Luguang was making things difficult for him; he responded with provoking eyes, seemingly proud of himself when the disciples on duty allowed him entry.

“Let’s go in!” Zhang Zhengdao laughed loudly.

“Yes, sir!”

The convoy followed him closely into the Heavenly Wolf Sect.

After dealing with Zhang Zhengdao’s provoking stance, Murong Luguang disregarded him as a worthless swindler, not even interested in looking back at him. Instead, he looked toward the skies afar, and suddenly, his eyes glowed in joy and surprise.

“Greetings, revered teacher!” Murong Luguang cupped his hand toward the sky.

Zhang Zhengdao turned around and saw a middle-aged woman garbed in a daoist robe heading toward them on a flying sword. Her face was emotionless, like an icy glacier. Even while she was still afar, he could already sense a wave of icy aura flooding toward him.

“Greetings, East Wolf Hall Lord!” All the disciples on duty bowed toward her in unison.

The woman on the flying sword scanned her surroundings with a cold gaze. Everyone she looked at shivered as though having been frozen.

“She Miejue? The ominous female Hall Lord is back? Oh no. I’d better avoid becoming her target. Move, let’s move now!” Zhang Zhengdao quickly realized the situation and ordered the convoy to quickly avoid She Miejue.

He then fled with the convoy.

She Miejue glanced at the convoy before turning her eyes toward Murong Luguang.

“Luguang, I learned of your foolish deeds!” She Miejue said coldly.

“Revered teacher, I was only eager to slay demons, and something went wrong this time,” Murong Luguang replied bitterly.

“I’m not blaming you for slaying demons. I blame you for your attitude toward Princess Youyue. Didn’t I instruct you about this before? That you should do your best to get close to Princess Youyue? What a foolish thing you’ve done!” She Miejue said coldly.

“I…!” Murong Luguang was speechless. His face was bitter.

“You want to marry Zhang Li'er? To get the Golden Crow Sect’s support? Humph! What a fool! The Golden Crow Sect is nothing if you could gain the favor of the one backing Princess Youyue! That person can give you the entire Golden Crow Sect! Did you give up the entire forest for one tree? How foolish! You are hopelessly stupid!” She Miejue glared at him.

“Uhh?” Murong Luguang was greatly perplexed.

Back then, his revered teacher had asked him to become the great general of the Ghoul Empire so that he could get close to Princess Youyue. So, he had thought that the princess had no more value after the Ghoul Empire was overthrown. He was then deeply regretful after hearing what She Miejue had said.

“Revered teacher, who is backing Princess Youyue?” Murong Luguang asked expectantly.

Still, She Miejue only shot a glare toward him. She seemed frustrated at how that disciple of hers had failed to meet her expectations. She flung her sleeves, snorted coldly, and stepped into the gate while ignoring her disciple.


Sword-study Peak!

Zhang Zhengdao quickly escorted the convoy up the mountain. All the people involved in transporting the goods were Wang Ke’s subordinates. All of them had donned gas masks and were wearing protective gowns; they deftly unloaded the goods by the Sword-study Hall’s entrance.

“Come in!” Wang Ke’s voice came from the inside.

Zhang Zhengdao opened the gate urgently. A pungent smell washed over him just as the gate was opened.

“Blarrghh! Wang Ke, what kind of wicked cultivation technique are you using? There’s so much poisonous gas and miasma!” Zhang Zhengdao asked in disgust.

He saw a gigantic pool of boiling black liquid generating plumes of poisonous fumes. Wang Ke had in fact submerged himself in the pool.

But why did he have to submerge in such a pool? It was all because of the ‘Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique!’ Wang Ke had initially thought that it was a righteous cultivation technique related to the fire element. But the first step required him to temper his body with poisons. Damn, this must be an evil and poisonous cultivation technique!

But since I’ve already begun, I’ll go all the way.

“Zhang Zhengdao, I’m giving you five hundred pounds of spirit stones every day to bring me back some goods. Why do you have so many useless questions?” Wang Ke said as he threw Zhang Zhengdao a stare.

“If you give me the flying sword you lent me, I promise I will no longer ask any more of these useless questions!” Zhang Zhengdao laughed immediately and walked over.

“Dream on! Do you think my money grows on trees? Do you even know how much that flying sword cost? I’m lending it to you so you can travel to all the major cultivation towns and contact my subordinates to quickly gather the required materials! Return it after the task is done!” Wang Ke said, still staring.

“You’re too petty! You spend a hundred thousand pounds of spirit stones every day, and yet you’re still withholding this little flying sword?” Zhang Zhengdao bargained.

“Ohh, so you are aware my money is flowing out like water... All the spirit stones I plundered from the demons half a month ago are going to run dry. And you still think it’s appropriate to talk to me about money?” Wang Ke said in a displeased tone.

He didn't expect the ‘Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique’ to cost him that much. Most of the profits he had previously made were then spent on his cultivation. It was fortunate that he had his plundering stash, or else he wouldn't even have the capital to invest to practice the “Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique.”

“That is why I thought it was weird. Why are you spending money to buy all these things? They are poisons, contaminated and turbid materials! Even my storage bag is no longer able to hold any more of those. Why do you need so much of it? You’re fortunate that the Ten-thousand Great Mountains produce these resources abundantly. If you were elsewhere, it would be impossible to buy those things no matter how much you’re willing to pay!” Zhang Zhengdao said with curiosity.

“Stop talking nonsense. Quick, my divine cultivation technique is about to take form. Pour these things into the pool according to the right sequence!” said Wang Ke fiercely.

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