Chapter 30.2: Turbid Essence Qi (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 30.2: Turbid Essence Qi (2/2)

“Why can’t you get your subordinates to do it?” Zhang Zhengdao said in annoyance, “It’s not like they haven’t touched these things before. They are the ones who made the purchase!”

“Don’t talk so much. How can their cultivation stage be compared to yours? You are at the Golden Core stage, and you have protective Qi. Quick, I’ll give you an extra five hundred pounds of spirit stone!” Wang Ke replied with a stare.

“Hahaha, that’s more like it!” Zhang Zhengdao was instantly motivated.

He raised his Qi-protection and went to carry the poisonous materials.

“First, a pail of Tri-colored Cobra King’s Venom? Yes, I think that’s right! Next, the Penta-colored Venomous Spider’s venom. A pail, too! After that...” Zhang Zhengdao talked to himself as he carried on with the task.

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Pails of poisonous liquids were poured into the black pool, and the black liquid inside boiled even more violently.

Plumes of poisonous gas rose with hissing sounds. One of Wang Ke’s subordinates kept a safe distance despite wearing the protective gowns.

Wang Ke quickly sat down with crossed legs and concentrated on his cultivation. He channeled all his power for the last breakthrough! Wang Ke was not cautious of Zhang Zhengdao because he knew the man wouldn't sneak up on him despite being so unreliable. If not, who would give him his pay in the future??

Pails of poison and contaminants were poured into the pool, making Wang Ke’s body jolt as if he were receiving electric shocks.

Zhang Zhengdao was curious. He saw Wang Ke’s skin being corroded away before regrowing new layers; the terrifying process repeated itself continuously.

“What kind of wicked cultivation technique is this? So horrifying!” Zhang Zhengdao was shocked.

Wang Ke’s subordinates carried the last pail of poisonous liquid into the hall to Zhang Zhengdao, then took their leave.


The hall’s gates were shut; only Zhang Zhengdao continued pouring the poisonous liquids according to Wang Ke’s instructions.

Wang Ke was fully focused on channeling the “Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique.” He was assessing his body at the same time.

Countless amounts of poison, miasma, and pollutants damaged his body severely, causing him an excruciating pain. However, Wang Ke bit his teeth and endured.

When observing his core cradle, the Indestructible Solar Divine Sword remained passive, but his purple essence Qi seemed to be mutating under the corrosion of those poisonous liquids.

Ordinary men would not understand the level of pain he was going through. A vortex of essence Qi began to revolve at an increasing speed in his cradle core.

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!”

A day later—Wang Ke’s body had become pitch black. Two days later... a faintish yellow could be seen on his body. Three days later, Wang Ke was glowing with a golden radiance.


Wang Ke roared.


A loud sound was heard from inside Wang Ke’s body, which shook the water in the pool. Then, the black water gradually became clear.

“Wang Ke, you absorbed all the poison and contamination of this black pool into your body? My Golden Core cultivation would never be enough to match this. Don’t tell me you are going to die! Come to think of it, it’s okay if you die, but you should at least pay me first!” Zhang Zhengdao instantly said with an anxious tone.

The greedy fellow kept on talking about money, but there was a tinge of care in his eyes.

Wang Ke’s body shone brilliantly before the light slowly died down. The golden skin also returned to its original color.

“I won’t die! And I won’t pay you less!” Wang Ke said, elated.

He was at the moment unsure about the extent of enhancement done to his body, but he knew that the essence Qi in his core cradle was reduced by multiple times. The purple Qi turned golden, but only one percent of it remained.

“Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique. First milestone: Turbid Qi Generated! Turbid Qi?” Wang Ke inspected the golden essence Qi inside his body in shock.

“Wang Ke, you’re not dead! How? Are you done with your freakish cultivation technique? How’s your cultivation now?” Zhang Zhengdao asked expectantly.

A massive pool of poison, miasma, and contamination had disappeared. Wang Ke had surely taken a huge stride in his cultivation!

“I abolished my previous cultivation technique and restarted. Now, I’m back to Innate Stage Level One!” Wang Ke replied.

“Innate Stage Level One? Do you know how many spirit stones you wasted? More than a million pounds! Instead of improving upon your cultivation, you regressed? This... This shouldn’t be the case!” Zhang Zhengdao was greatly astonished.

“It’s the truth!” Wang Ke said as he shook his head.

He came out of the pool and changed into a fresh set of clothes.

“No, this is not right. You spent more than a million pounds worth of spirit stones on buying these cultivation materials. Your cultivation technique must have something unique and powerful to compensate for what you did, right? Show me. What kind of essence Qi does your freaking cultivation technique have?” Zhang Zhengdao was curious to know.

“I told you. I’m cultivating with the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s ‘Fire Divine Cultivation Technique,’” said Wang Ke with a frown.

“Bullsh*t. You think I don’t know about the Fire Divine Cultivation Technique? I have been working my butt off to procure these poisons for you. Can you at least show me? Show me your essence Qi, I want to see how devilish it is!” Zhang Zhengdao asked, still in shock.

He knew many things and witnessed how many cultivation techniques were performed, but none were as freakish as Wang Ke’s.

He could not understand why. In fact, not even Wang Ke himself knew what was special about his turbid Qi.

“You don’t need to know. It’s late. Let's head out first!” Wang Ke said as he shook his head.

He decided to study his turbid Qi first later.

“No way! Wang Ke, don’t tell me you’re not going to fight anymore? Your essence Qi will be exposed if you do. Instead of letting others see it first, why don’t you show me? I’m just itching to take a look. You used a lot of poison; don’t tell me you are doing a cultivation technique involving poisons…” Zhang Zhengdao refused to give up.

Wang Ke frowned.

“If it’s a poison-based cultivation technique, what if you accidentally poisoned me to death? I have to take a look. At most, I can give up today’s pay in exchange. What do you say?” Zhang Zhengdao insisted.

“You’re giving up on money? Fine then. Just once, though!” And Wang Ke nodded.

Zhang Zhengdao: “................................!”

Iron rooster! Petty King! You’re doing this on purpose!

But since Wang Ke agreed, Zhang Zhengdao did not press further. Instead, he focused his eyes on Wang Ke.

Wang Ke also agreed partly because he wanted to test the power of his turbid essence Qi on Zhang Zhengdao. He was at the Golden Core stage after all; Wang Ke could take his resistance as reference against his turbid essence Qi.

Wang Ke extended his right palm and the turbid essence Qi entered it, instantly forming a golden sphere the size of an egg. The ball of essence Qi rotated with a high speed.

“This is your essence Qi? Why are you holding it in your palm?” Zhang Zhengdao asked curiously.

“You know nothing! This is called Rasengan! I’m worried that it might be too destructive; that’s why I didn't release everything in one go!” Wang Ke warned him.

“Destructive? You’re merely at Innate Stage Level One; destructive my ass. Let me see what’s the attribute! The Fire Divine Cultivation Technique should be of a fire attribute! The Frost Divine Cultivation Technique has a water attribute. Let me see yours......!” Zhang Zhengdao tried to catch the ball of Qi.


The ball of essence Qi popped like a bubble and turned into a golden smoke, pervading throughout the room.

There was no fire Qi, frost Qi, nor wind Qi; it had no attribute, at all. The golden smoke was spread out, and Wang Ke could smell the odor of a rotten egg. It’s a little smelly!

But Wang Ke didn't know he had become resistant to the smell because he was the one who was generating it. Zhang Zhengdao was completely unable to tolerate the smell!

That odor entered Zhang Zhengdao’s nostrils and instantly flooded his brain. His Qi protection was useless because the horrifying odor seemed to have leaked into the deepest part of his soul, which was then bombarded by the foul smell; a hundred times, a thousand, or even stronger than Wang Ke perceived.

“You spent more than a million pounds of spirit stones to cultivate your essence Qi, and it ended up developing a ‘fart’ attribute? I~~~~~~! Blarrgghhh~~~~!” Zhang Zhengdao was only able to mutter a sentence before he started vomiting.

“Is it that smelly?” Wang Ke sniffed and asked doubtfully.

Wang Ke was immune to the turbid essence Qi, so the smell was not a big deal. But beside him, Zhang Zhengdao’s body was twitching, foaming at the mouth.

“The fart is poisonous!” Zhang Zhengdao fainted, with white foam coming out of his mouth and eyes rolled backward.

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