Chapter 49.2 Let’s Save Mrs. Wang (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 49.2 Let’s Save Mrs. Wang (2/2)

“Who said I’m your wife?” Princess Youyue muttered, face blushing.

At the back court of Gongyi Teahouse—all the clan lords were intently looking at the portrait; it was all too familiar! Isn’t that the Princess Youyue that Zhang Shenxu and She Tianba wanted us to find?

“My wife is in charge of the clan’s finances and she hid huge sums of money in different places. That is why She Tianba was not yet satisfied with destroying my clan; he also captured my wife so that he could interrogate her about the locations of our clan’s savings! He even lied to all of you, saying that she’s Princess Youyue! That’s how he got all of you involved, to help him search for her! Hahahaha! Bulls**t! She Tianba thinks of you as fools!” Wang Ke shouted at them.

All the clan lords: “.................................... ”

The members of each cultivation clan were raging in their hearts; veins were popping up on their foreheads.

So that’s not Princess Youyue… It’s actually Wang Ke’s wife!

“Let me say it in plain terms, my wife was captured by She Tianba! She has already revealed some of the money’s hiding spots, all so that she could survive. She Tianba has already sent his men to retrieve the money! But there are still many more undiscovered spots. I’m sure my wife is trying to drag things out so that I have more time to rescue her! She’s being detained somewhere in the She Clan territory! We will recover the records of all the financial products as long as my wife is rescued! This way I’ll be able to refund all of your money! Are you willing to help me save my wife?” Wang Ke cried out.

“Yeah!” all the financial product investors replied.

“Today, I, Wang Ke, am back for revenge. I’m going to avenge my clan members who died in such a miserable way! I’m also going to rescue my wife! And sure, I will refund everyone according to the records! I will find She Tianba and make him pay!” Wang Ke roared.

“Good! Clan Lord Wang is really generous and understanding!” Those who lost their contracts cheered.

One of the clan lords realized Wang Ke’s true intention and questioned, “Clan Lord Wang, you just want us to help you deal with the She Clan, right?”

All the people in the premises became silent; everyone was anticipating Wang Ke’s response.

“That’s why. Fellow Clan Lords, are you willing?” Wang Ke replied, straight to the point.

No one expected Wang Ke to be that forthright! Still, all of them remained quiet, waiting for Wang Ke to continue.

“Humph! Why should we help you? Moreover, you think the She Clan is easy to deal with?” that clan lord voiced his suspicion.

Each clan had confronted the She Clan during that period, but none had gained any advantage. That made everyone fear becoming one of She Clan’s enemies.

“What’s so difficult about it? I heard that you guys were overpowered by the She Clan. Is that true?” Wang Ke sneered.

“So what?” the clan lord replied.

“Foolish! Helplessly foolish!” Wang Ke rebuked.

“What did you say?” That clan lord glared at Wang Ke.

“The She Clan is the most powerful in the Zhu Cultivation Town. Haven’t you acted like fools, trying to fight him head-on?” Wang Ke chided.

“Uhhh?” Everyone was stunned.

Didn’t you just ask us to help you deal with the She Clan?And now you say it’s a dumb idea to do so?

“Each of your clans made separate attempts to deal with the She Clan; no wonder you failed! Did it ever cross your mind to go there united as one? How many people does the She Clan have? How many people do you guys have? How many Innate Stage cultivators does the She Clan have? How many do you guys have? You would have so much more people than the She Clan if you group up! But what did you do? You went and fought them one by one. Isn’t it downright dumb?” Wang Ke continued criticizing them.

“You think it’ll work if we work together? She Tianba is at the pinnacle of the Innate Stage! We’re no match for him!” a clan lord retorted angrily.

“That’s because you clan lords are cowards! You’re afraid to die in She Tianba’s hands, that is why you don’t dare to fight with your all! Can’t you just fight him together?” Wang Ke questioned them.

All the clan lords looked grim; none of them spoke up.

Indeed, we might overpower She Tianba if we work together. But, there will surely be casualties. What if I’m the one who dies?I just wanted money, I wasn’t planning on dying to get it!

“I can only say that She Tianba is too intimidating for all of you. You’re afraid of death, and you also fear that others might benefit from your death, so none of you dares to deal with She Tianba! But, do you think I’m afraid?” Wang Ke looked at all the clan lords.

They then remembered Wang Ke’s flying sword.

“I will deal with She Tianba from now on. Are you still afraid to ask the She Clan for your money?” Wang Ke looked at all the clan lords.

They were moved by Wang Ke’s words. Yeah, Wang Ke has a flying sword; he can surely stand up against She Tianba. If he takes care of She Tianba, there would be nothing to fear when dealing with those ordinary Innate Stage clan members!

“Clan Lord Wang, are you confident?” said a clan lord as he frowned.

Wang Ke knew their hearts had been swayed once he heard those words.

“Certainly. I will now be heading over to the She Clan to save my wife! I will also commemorate the passing of my clan members! While I’m at it, I’m going to take back all the money they took from me. Everyone, let me know if any of you wish to join me. Follow me to the She Clan so we can take back our hard-earned money! Once we get it back, I will then refund your financial product investments according to the contracts. I won’t take the remaining money if there’s any left after settling all debts; that would be distributed evenly to all of you! For those who don’t want to go, just sit around and watch; you can dream about taking back the money the She Clan cheated off of you… Because from today onwards, there will no longer be a She Clan in the Zhu Cultivation Town!” Wang Ke cried out.

“I’m going!”

“Me too!”

“Clan Lord Wang, we will go with you!”

“Defeat She Tianba! Rescue Mrs. Wang! Return our hard-earned money!”

“Defeat She Tianba! Rescue Mrs. Wang! Return our hard-earned money!”




The entire back court of Gongyi Teahouse was filled by the clamoring.

That would go beyond getting their debts paid; it was more like robbing and exterminating the She Clan!

Wang Ke has a flying sword to fight against She Tianba! We have nothing to fear!We’re going to take back our hard-earned money. That’s what we deserve!The debtor must pay; this is right and proper!

Those who had bought financial products were naturally willing. The clan lords were momentarily torn but eventually agreed; they were already filled to the brim with hatred because of how She Tianba had bullied them. And now, if they were one step behind, there would no longer be a She Clan to get back their money from!

“Sure. Let’s move out now!” Wang Ke cheered.

“Let’s go!”

The shouts reverberated throughout the Zhu Cultivation Town.

Wang Ke took the lead while most of the town’s powerful cultivators trailed behind him. They rubbed their fists, and their eyes turned red.

Just as they stepped out of the teahouse, they saw the She Clan members who were lurking about to spy on them.

“Those are people of the She Clan. Catch them! And you, stop there!” someone shouted.

Wang Ke didn’t need to say a thing. Before the She Clan members could realize what was happening, they had already been rounded up and beaten up badly by many cultivators.

“You must be sick of living! Do you know who I am? I’m She Jingyun! Let me go!” that She Clan member shouted.

“Yes, you are the one! You kicked me three times when I went to your clan to ask for repayment!” someone in the crowd shouted.

“Tie them up, we’ll take them to the She Clan!” Wang Ke ordered.

“Will do!”

Soon, all the She Clan members who had shown up to collect intel were captured.

“Defeat She Tianba, rescue Mrs. Wang, return our hard-earned money…!”

The huge crowd shouted the slogan as they blatantly strode across the most prosperous streets, attracting many curious eyes. The passersby did not know what had happened, but they were amazed by such a massive throng.

The workers in Gongyi Teahouse lifted up banners to help those unrelated in knowing the cause of the protest.

On those banners were displayed messages such as:

‘Defeat She Tianba, the scoundrel!’

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‘We will no longer be silent. We will roar!’

‘Wherever there is oppression, there will be resistance!’

‘Exterminate the Zhu Cultivation Town’s tumor, the She Clan!’

‘Get lost from our Zhu Cultivation Town, you black-hearted She Clan!’




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