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Aspiring to the Immortal Path


Novel Info

Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Status: Ongoing

Release Frequency: 1.8 per day

Written By: Yuanfen 0 缘分0

Translated By: Hypersheep325

Edited By: Michyrr


Update Rate: 1 Chapter/Day

Tang Jie, an ordinary office worker from Earth, is transmigrated into the body of an orphan, in a world of mighty cultivators who rule over the mortals. Unwilling to remain weak and powerless, he aspires to Immortality! A bandit attack, a friendship with an Immortal; thus begins his long journey on the path of Immortality!
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Written by Yuanfen 0 缘分0. Translated by Hypersheep325. Edited by Michyrr.