Chapter 96: Tiger Roar Valley (4)
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 96: Tiger Roar Valley (4)

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

After resting for a while, Tang Jie took Yiyi away from the mountain spring.

As they continued forward, they heard fighting up ahead.

Following the source of the noise, Tang Jie spotted five students surrounding a giant golden-haired monkey. That giant monkey was nearly three meters tall. It constantly swung around its long and thick arms, furious roars occasionally coming from its mouth. Sometimes, it would even swing a cudgel, stirring up a howling gale.

While this fellow had a big body, it was also abnormally agile. It jumped around the crowd, constantly dodging spell arts, and the one or two attacks that made contact barely seemed to bother it. Meanwhile, its counterattacks were sharp and vicious, often shattering stone.

Tang Jie had arrived in the middle of their pitched battle.

It was clear that this giant monkey was much stronger than the wolf that Tang Jie had fought earlier. However, it was facing five students, all of whom were rather strong and worked well together, so it was losing.

Tang Jie didn't come forward. He stood at a distance and shouted, "Tang Jie of the 1822nd class. Do you need help?"

The rules of Basking Moon Academy stated that if one ran into other students of the academy in combat, whether in Tiger Roar Valley or any other mission ground, one was not supposed to interfere except in dire circumstances. Instead, one had to first state their grade and name so as to avoid misunderstandings.

If one didn't state their identity, then even if one spoke constantly about helping, there was still a chance of having other motives, perhaps professing to help while doing the opposite.

This was a rule that had developed in the Rosecloud Domain after thousands of years of cultivator development. Even if you had to state a fake identity, you still had to state something. It was just like handing a gun to a person with the barrel pointed at yourself. Whether it was useful or not, doing this would at least set people at ease.

If the other party needed help, they would us

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Translator Notes

Oof, another costly battle for Tang Jie. Even lost some of his dignity there...

Novel Notes

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