Chapter 97: Prisoner
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 97: Prisoner

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Tang Jie wasted quite a lot of time to find the golden needle, after which he began to clean up the battlefield and wipe away any remnants of the formation.

He casually threw the tree seed at Yiyi. "Oh, this is for you. I didn't expect you to be the one to win out in this expedition."

"What is this?" Yiyi curiously looked at the seed. The seed looked like an olive pit. It was emerald green all over and had a hole punched through it, made by Tang Jie, from which green liquid was flowing out.

"The tree sprite's sprite core, where all of its essence is gathered," Tang Jie answered. He swept up Yiyi and pointed at the sprite core. "Sprite cores, fiend pellets, ghost essence, and monster marrows are the four core treasures of these four creatures. This is the sprite core of that tree sprite, and this alone is worth a lot of money."

"Then why didn't the wolf we killed earlier have a fiend pellet?" Yiyi questioned.

Tang Jie chuckled. "Sprites lack blood energy because they have no flesh and blood, but they find it easy to gather spiritual energy and form sprite cores. But this is why most of their body parts are essentially worthless, since their essence is all gathered up here. Fiends are different from sprites because they have bodies of flesh and blood, which makes up for their lack of spiritual energy. Spiritual energy integrates with their entire body, making all their body parts valuable, but it also makes it difficult for it to form a fiend pellet. Any fiend with one would undoubtedly be a powerful existence. If we ran into such a fiend beast, we would die without even knowing how we died. While this tree sprite was lower-grade, it had lived for a long time, so it isn't strange for it to have formed a sprite core. But it seems like it hadn't formed it very long ago, so it's a bit small. In my estimation, it's only worth four hundred coins at most."

"What is it used for?"

"It's got a lot of uses, whether it's pill refining, medicine production, drawing talismans, or laying down

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Translator Notes

Tang Jie tests his limits with a tiger! And after that close encounter, Tang Jie finally decides to call it a day.

Novel Notes

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