Chapter 98: Growth
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 98: Growth

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

In a flash of light, a person appeared at the entrance of Tiger Roar Valley. It was Tang Jie, with a big cloth bag slung across his back.

He heard mocking laughter at his ear. Several students standing outside the valley had taken note of his miserable state and mistakenly believed that he had been driven out by some fiend beast.

Frankly speaking, he really was in a rather sorry state. His clothes had been burned while dealing with the tree sprite and his body had been left like a beehive from the stone and gravel kicked up by the fiend tiger. No matter how formidable his body was, he couldn't recover that fast. He was covered in wounds and made for an alarming sight.

Tang Jie couldn't be bothered with them. He leaned against a tree to rest for a while.

When his bag suddenly lightened, he knew that Yiyi had woken up, realized that the environment had changed, and turned back into a flower. Only then did he open up the bag, whereupon he saw a dazzling green rose resting atop a pile of herbs, beautiful and alluring.

Tang Jie chuckled as he grabbed the green rose and put it away. He then walked with heavy steps up to several villagers and threw the bag over. "How much is all this?"

A villager looked through the contents and said, "With that wolf skin you're wearing, 121 coins in all."

"Give me some clothes."

The villager chuckled, took out a set of rough clothes, and threw them over at Tang Jie. "This set is new. It's for free."

"Thank you." Tang Jie found a deserted place to change his clothes, after which the villager counted out the spirit coins and handed them to Tang Jie. Patting him on the shoulder, he said, "This is pretty good for your first time."

"But it was still a loss," Tang Jie softly said.

"That's commonplace. It's fine as long as you were able to stay alive. This Tiger Roar Valley is for you to experience the dangers of the outside world. Such lessons can't be bought even if you had a thousand gold coins," the villager commented, seemingly coming from a place of exper

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Translator Notes

Ah, it seems like Wei Tianchong is starting to smarten up!

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