Chapter 95: Tiger Roar Valley (3)
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 95: Tiger Roar Valley (3)

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

After getting the hide and the other things, Tang Jie continued his journey.

Tiger Roar Valley was shaped like the opening of a gourd, narrow at the start and widening the farther one went in. An artificial valley, it occupied half of the Clear Sky Mountains. Not only did it cover a vast area, it had a complicated terrain, playing host to lakes, forests, hills and mountains. It followed the principle of mountains in a lake, a valley in the mountains, and a universe within the valley.

Tang Jie walked up to a pool at the base of a mountain. The water was clear, so he stopped to take a drink, using the opportunity to see if there were any valuable spirit plants growing around the area.

But it seemed like somebody had already been through here and picked everything.

Tang Jie didn't care. After drinking some water, he sat on a stone, dropped his head, and began to think.

After some time, he suddenly looked up at a distant peak.

A tiger with a white forehead had appeared on that summit.

That tiger was sitting up on a large stone, staring at Tang Jie and Yiyi in his bosom.

Even though Yiyi was hiding and hadn't shown herself, Tang Jie felt like the tiger could see through his clothes, see through everything.

"Hurr…" the tiger lowly grumbled.

It wasn't a loud sound, but it was heavy and lingering, traveling across the valley.

Upon hearing this sound, Yiyi poked her head out and met eyes with that tiger.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

Yiyi didn't sense the tiger's imposing aura, so she didn't feel afraid. She asked Tang Jie, "Big Brother, that tiger is looking at us! Is it also a fiend?"

"Mm, a very formidable fiend," Tang Jie affirmed, his eyes fixed on the tiger.

"So why isn't it chasing us?" Yiyi curiously asked. Any fiend beast they had come across had chased after them, causing them to spend more time running than the typical student.

"Because it can't come down," Tang Jie explained. "There's a formation on that summit that keeps it prisoner."

"Oh? Why does it have a formation imprisoning it? Aren't the fiend beasts of Tiger Roar Valley free to move around?"

"This is an exception… Yiyi, do you know how Tiger Roar Valley got its name?"

Yiyi was taken aback. "It can't be because of this big tiger, can it?"

Tang Jie nodded. "To be more precise, its ancestor."

"Its ancestor?"

"Mm." Tang Jie nodded again.

He looked up at the tiger on the summit, which was still staring at him.

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Translator Notes

The dark history of the Basking Moon Sect! And what is Tang Jie after from the powerful fiend tiger of Tiger Roar Valley?

Novel Notes

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