Chapter 66: Probe
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 66: Probe

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

For the next few days, Tang Jie continued to train his casting time, unlike the vast majority of students.

One student after another entered the Spirit Spring Tier and smugly returned to practice, but Tang Jie was in no rush. He cast the Aqualight Shroud again and again, shrinking his casting speed from five seconds to four seconds, three seconds, two seconds… Today, Tang Jie was cultivating again in his room when he heard someone calling him from outside.

As he walked outside, he saw a student standing at the gate.

"So it was Senior Brother Li. What brings Senior Brother here to my place?"

This Senior Brother Li's name was Li Zhen, and he was a sixth-year student at Basking Moon Academy. He was at the Spirit Lake Tier, but he was much stronger than Wu Xing.

This Li Zhen walked a similar path to Tang Jie. Rather than rushing to the next tier, he would diligently practice spell arts at every tier to raise his combat strength, after which he would rely on his combat strength to carry out missions for the academy and obtain resources that he used to boost his cultivation speed.

This was the best option for students who didn't have enough talent, but it also carried too much risk.

A few days ago, Li Zhen had battled several people on the Divine Battleground and won several times in a row, so he had some reputation. Thus, Tang Jie knew who he was, and he had even met him once.

When he saw Tang Jie come out, Li Zhen smiled. "You know that the big exam is in a few days, but the pitiful me has failed year after year. I can't keep wasting my time on this. I heard that you were a genius student of Basking Moon Academy, someone of great erudition and talent. Why don't you instruct me a little?"

The rules for Basking Moon Academy's culture studies were very simple. All content would be lectured on for half a year, and after this half-year, there would be a big examination. Those who passed would not need to take the classes again.

As for those that didn't, they would have to continue taking

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Translator Notes

Gu Changqing testing Tang Jie's defenses. Meanwhile, Tang Jie continues to scam his young master out of money.

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