Chapter 65: Spirit Gathering
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 65: Spirit Gathering

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Cloudmist Stones were cautiously placed down on two sides of the room, and then silver powder was carefully sprinkled over them. In a flash of light, all the materials used to lay down a formation disappeared as if they had never existed.

Tang Jie exhaled. "This spirit-gathering formation is finally done."

The spirit-gathering formation was made to gather spiritual energy from the surrounding world, and was one of the more common kinds of formations in the cultivation world. Cultivators frequently used this formation to gather spiritual energy so that they could mobilize the spiritual energy of the world.

Although the ability of cultivators to absorb spiritual energy primarily depended on their Jade Gates, the local environment was also a significant factor. Even a nine-cycle-Jade-Gate cultivator could not cultivate in a place devoid of spiritual energy.

But spirit-gathering formations couldn't be laid down as casually as befuddling formations. Special materials were needed to serve as their foundation.

Just like medicines and puppets, formations were also divided into mortal, spirit, and Immortal grades, and there were different ranks within the grades.

A minor befuddling formation belonged to the mortal grade, so it needed only a few spirit lines to create.

The spirit-gathering formation was a Rank 1 spirit formation, so it required some materials. Even Xu Muyang, who bragged that he could use the world itself as his formation, couldn't actually make a formation without any materials. He just required fewer of them.

The strongest known formation so far was the Nine Executions Immortal Formation. This was a formation that claimed to execute Immortals, so it surpassed the Immortal grade. This was why not even Godhead Palace dared to think about breaking the formation by force.

Tang Jie had long known how to lay down a spirit-gathering formation, as it was one of the basic formations, but he had not been bold enough to lay it down before now.

The spirit-gathering formation gathere

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Gu Changqing is tired of playing Tang Jie's games! But little does he know...

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