Chapter 68: Murder
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 68: Murder

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

A shining sword slashed at Tang Jie's back.

Zhuang Shen used eighty percent of his strength in this attack. He was sure that Tang Jie wouldn't die from this attack, but he would be heavily injured.

But as he attacked, Tang Jie moved.

He turned around!

He raised his right hand, the sword within it blocking the edge. Clang! Zhuang Shen's sword failed to strike true, and the impact made his entire body shudder.

"You!" Zhuang Shen was shocked. The sword slash that he had been building up power for this whole time had failed to do anything. It was clear that his opponent had been ready for it.

Stunned, he was about to create a formula when Tang Jie charged up with a ruthless smile and punched Zhuang Shen in the face.

It was a savage punch that immediately had blood flowing from Zhuang Shen's nose.

He rolled on the ground to avoid Tang Jie's following attack, but then he realized that rather than pursuing him, Tang Jie was just watching him with cold eyes.

"You… you already knew…" Zhuang Shen looked in disbelief at Tang Jie.

Tang Jie shrugged. "I didn't know, but I have a habit of always planning for the worst-case scenario. Frankly speaking, I didn't expect Godhead Palace's supervisor here to be so decisive, sending someone to capture me after that incident. They're really not afraid of what will happen if they catch the wrong person… Admirable, admirable. It seems like I have a formidable foe."

Zhuang Shen blurted out, "You really are Tang Jiye!"

Through his words, Tang Jie had inadvertently confessed that he was the real deal.

Zhuang Shen had believed that he needed to fight a bitter battle and then perhaps even apply some torture to finally get a confession. To his surprise, Tang Jie had saved him a whole lot of trouble and just confessed to it.

Gu Changqing's greatest worry had been that they would catch the wrong person in this operation, but with this information, Zhuang Shen was able to cast aside his worries.

He burst out in laughter. "Good! Good! Good! Surprisingly, it is I, Zhuang Shen, who will be able to conclude this vast project of Godhead Palace! If I capture you, Godhead Palace will be certain to richly reward me, after which getting into Mortal Shedding, even Celestial Heart, will present no difficulty. Hahahaha!"

He stood up and threw aside his ordinary iron sword, taking out a purple shortsword from his bag.

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Translator Notes

Zhuang Shen is the delivery boy, bringing all of his treasures right to Tang Jie's doorstep!

Novel Notes

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