Chapter 60: Unfilial Son
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 60: Unfilial Son

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

After seeing their younger sibling, Wei Tianzhi and Wei Ming were anxious to get back to cultivating, so they bid farewell.

Upon leaving the Meditation Garden, Wu Xing went alone to Spirit Wonder Market.

As he walked through the market, his mind was in turmoil.

One thousand spirit coins!

The money that Tang Jie had taken out had completely upset his mind.

He clearly understood what this money meant.

With this money, he had an even greater chance of reaching Spirit Sea!

But this money was for the health of his parents.


Why is it that he was able to make almost one thousand coins right after getting into school while I was able to make so much less despite being in this school for seven years? All I have is a few spirit coins.

Wu Xing mentally fumed.

Gritting his teeth, Wu Xing walked up to an upperclassman selling medicines in the market and asked, "Senior Brother, do you happen to have any life-extending medicine?"

The student raised his head and glanced at Wu Xing in surprise. "Life-extending medicine? I've never made it before. It's made for mortals, and the price is expensive, so people normally don't make it. But if you have the money, I can take an order. How much do you want?"

"One bottle."

"That's not a lot and isn't really worth the trouble. It's not like I can easily sell off any extra. I would advise you to see if there's anyone else that needs it, and then you can come and find me together."

"Where am I going to find someone else who needs life-extending medicine?" Wu Xing bitterly smiled.

"It truly isn't easy," the student chuckled. "Those with money will use it to buy medicines to nourish their own spirit. It must have been hard to save up these one thousand spirit coins, right?"

Wu Xing lightly nodded.

The student continued, "In my view, you should give up on the life-extending medicine. You're not that old, so your parents must be about forty? This is far from the age where you need to start thinking about their old age, so why not work hard to improve yourself? On

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Translator Notes

Wu Xing just got a surprise test! And he predictably failed and got beaten up by his little brother.

Novel Notes

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