Chapter 61: Search
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 61: Search

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

"Dad, Mom, I hope this letter finds you well. Today, I finally met Big Brother Wu Xing. Big Brother is doing well and misses the two of you dearly. But because he's at a crucial juncture in his cultivation and can't be distracted, he was only able to learn about how the two of you were doing from me. All of his words showed great worry for you two. Although this was my first meeting with my big brother, our conversation went well, and Big Brother showed a lot of concern for me and even gave me a few pointers on cultivation…" 

Once the letter was done, Tang Jie carefully read it over to make sure that there were no problems. With a sigh, he placed the letter in an envelope.

He turned around and saw the bottle of Essence-Refining Pills, and he once more felt frustrated.

The result of Wu Xing's unreliability was that he didn't dare to send medicine back to the old couple, and for a moment, he couldn't think of a way to send the medicine back.

He grew more frustrated the more he thought about it. "Damn it!" He punched the wall.

The wall swayed from the impact of the punch, and the entire house trembled a little.

He drew back his fist and clenched it. The joints cracked like rumbling thunder.

He muttered, "It seems like I can only keep waiting. My only hope is that they move a little faster and don't disappoint me."

He looked down at his fist.

Though he had succeeded in taking the power of the Gale Blade, he hadn't known to what extent. All he had known was that if he left Wu Xing with enough space to use spells, he would be no match. Thus, no matter what, he had to hold him down. He hadn't expected that the damage from the Gale Blade would be so small.

In the little time that had passed, his wound had mostly recovered.

While Gale Blade wasn't some powerful art, it wasn't exactly lacking in strength. Since he was able to take the Gale Blade, didn't that mean that he was essentially impervious to all attacks weaker than Gale Blade?

Tang Jie realized that he might need to assess the power of various spells and test how well his body could resist them. This would undoubtedly be of huge help to him in future battles.

But there were numerous spells in the world, and testing them all one by one wasn't easy. He could only take it step by step.

Tang Jie continued to cultivate every day.

Seven days later, he successfully advanced to the Spirit Spring Tier.

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Translator Notes

Club activities draw Tang Jie away from his house, letting Godhead Palace search it...but that was exactly what Tang Jie wanted!

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