Chapter 59: Meeting
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 59: Meeting

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

The whirlpool in the body was constantly revolving, growing larger and larger, slowly expanding the Spiritual Space at a rate that couldn't be perceived by the naked eye.

Once all the spiritual energy was used up, the whirlpool disappeared and this cultivation session came to an end.

Tang Jie felt out that Spiritual Space and knew that it could hold about eighty drops of spirit liquid. He was getting closer and closer to the Spirit Spring.

The Major and Minor Circuit Heavens got stronger as one grew more proficient with them, and they would circulate faster and faster. Otherwise, at the base speed, it would take decades to reach the Spirit Sea Tier, which required ten thousand drops.

Tang Jie was growing more and more proficient with the Circuit Heavens, and his spirit senses were also improving. In a single night, he could circulate six or seven Major Circuit Heavens, and at this speed, he would need only ten more days to reach the Spirit Spring level.

According to the standards of Basking Moon Academy, two months to open a Spirit Eye was normal.

After that, it was six months for a Spirit Spring, a year and a half for a Spirit Lake, and four and a half years for a Spirit Sea. The remaining two years were for charging at Mortal Shedding, a total of eight years.

Each division, from spring to lake to sea, had a tenfold difference. For the tenfold increase in each tier, the cultivation speed needed to increase by three times and the time needed to increase by three times. This was the only way to keep progressing.

For most students, as they practiced more and more, their Circuit Heavens would turn faster and faster, and so increasing the speed by three times with each new phase wasn't difficult at all. The problem was that each tier of the Spirit Platform Realm required upgrading the mantra once, which would mean new transformations. This meant that the students would have to learn a new Circuit Heaven mantra after just familiarizing themselves with the first, and the difficulty w

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Translator Notes

It seems like Wei Tianchong's older brother doesn't agree with how Tang Jie is guiding his little brother. Hopefully, Tang Jie will strike it off better with his adoptive older brother? (As if)

Novel Notes

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