Chapter 9: Washing the Meridians
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 9: Washing the Meridians

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

In the room, Xu Muyang continued to tell Tang Jie about the cultivation world.

"Cultivation is divided into five realms, and each realm has three tiers, excepting the Immortal Platform Realm, which has only two tiers. Thus, it is sometimes called the Five Realms and Fourteen Tiers. The Spirit Platform Realm is divided into the Spirit Spring, Spirit Lake, and Spirit Sea Tiers, and these primarily refer to the amount of spiritual energy in one's body. Cultivators cultivate spiritual energy, and for this reason, the first realm focuses mostly on absorbing and circulating spiritual energy. In the Spirit Platform Realm, one breathes in spiritual energy and uses this energy to modify one's constitution and increase the amount of spiritual energy that can be contained in the body. Thus, the Spirit Platform Realm is often called the Breathing Period or the Energy Refining Period.

"At this time, the cultivator still has the body of a mortal and has yet to reach the stage where they have shed their mortal shell and been remolded. They can learn spell arts, but as they can only be used through the spiritual energy in their bodies, their power is limited. It is for this reason that cultivators in this stage are normally called Spirit Disciples, and the spell arts they can use are normally simply called 'spells', not 'arts'. Only after entering the Mortal Shedding Realm can they harness the spiritual energy of the world and use true spell arts, finally earning the right to call them 'arts'. And it is in this period that cultivators can truly shed their mortal body and reshape it into a spiritual body, which is why it is called the Mortal Shedding Realm. As building the spiritual body and shedding the mortal body is the basis of cultivation, this is often called the Foundation Period or the Spiritual Body Period. Did you get all that?"

"Big Brother Xu's explanation is simple and concise. I understand everything. To put it simply, realms are qualitative improvements while tiers are quantitative improvements, right?" Tang Jie answered.

Xu Muyang smiled and nodded. "This summary is fresh and interesting, and it also makes some sense. While it's not completely accurate, it's also not too far off the mark." 

At the same cultivation level, different cultivation methods would produce different results.

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