Chapter 49: Entering School
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 49: Entering School

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

"Good words!" someone suddenly shouted.

There was another splash from the lake as Li Yu suddenly returned.


This time, all of the students respectfully prostrated to Li Yu.

Only Tang Jie stayed standing, looking at Li Yu and asking, "Didn't you leave?"

Li Yu rolled his eyes. "This Jade Belt Lake is my home. Where do you expect this old man to go?"

He burst out in laughter. "It's been a long time since I've met such an interesting baby. Not bad, not bad. I quite like you. Oh, this is for you, but it's not some gift from heaven, nor does it have anything to do with the academy. It's a personal gift from this old man!" 

A golden light flew toward Tang Jie, and he reached out and grabbed it. In his hand was a golden fish scale, and he immediately knew that this was one of the scales from Li Yu's body.

Something taken off the body of a great fiend that could transform, even if it wasn't a treasure, would still have a unique value, and Tang Jie was overjoyed.

Li Yu shouted, "Kid, you've received my gift, so you must pay your respects!"

"Senior, many thanks for your generous gift. This lowly one bows to you!" Tang Jie immediately prostrated.

"Good, then this old man will accept your gratitude!" Li Yu loudly said. "All you other kids, listen well. This old man loves to be flattered and fawned on. If you want something good from this old man, then you first need to know how to behave. But while this first gift only needed a few compliments, the second gift might need a kowtow. If you want something nice from me, you had best think of a way to make me happy! Hahahaha!"

His laughter resounding in the air, he jumped back into the lake, leaving the students to glance at each other in silence, not daring to casually speak.

But this had little to do with Tang Jie's words from before. Only an extremely small number of them had understood the key of the argument just now. They were quiet only because they were afraid that Li Yu could still be listening.

Li Yu had definitely heard the argument just now, and he had probably not given Tang Jie such a generous gift because he found Tang Jie interesting. Rather, it was probably because he wanted to infuriate the other students. Thus, while Li Yu seemed like a forthright person, he probably wasn't particularly broad-minded. Anyone else who dared to keep insulting him might infuriate him so badly that he could pop up onto the deck to give them a beating.

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Translator Notes

Basking Moon Academy also nurtures a healthy sense of paranoia in its student body.

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