Chapter 50: Carefree House
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 50: Carefree House

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Teaching Wei Tianchong the disciple rules went on until the evening, when a flying message talisman informed all of them that it was mealtime.

The academy's cafeteria was called Thousand Taste Pavilion. Befitting its name, it served various delicacies from all across Rosecloud. You could basically get anything you could think of.

But only when they got in did they realize that reality was not as beautiful as they had imagined.

1500 students needed to eat in this cafeteria, but there was only one service window!


A line made up of 1500 students extended all the way out of the cafeteria, forming an extremely long dragon.

Wei Tianchong and Tang Jie arrived late and were instantly scared out of their wits by the sight.

Wei Tianchong shouted, "How are there so many people? How long will we have to wait?"

"Save the chatter for later and get in line." Tang Jie hurriedly dragged Wei Tianchong to the back of the line.

Wei Tianchong had never experienced this before. He shouted, "No, let me see if I can get in front."

"Young Master," Tang Jie said with great heartache, "apply your studies!"

Aghast, Wei Tianchong looked around. Not noticing anything, he whispered, "Are they all hiding?"

"Do you even need to ask?" Tang Jie grunted.

It wasn't long before Tang Jie's prophecy came true.

Some young master saw how long the line was and wanted to just get his food without waiting in line. At this point, two students wearing moon-white robes appeared in the cafeteria like ghosts, chuckling to themselves as they pulled the young master to the side and whispered a few words to him. That young master became deathly pale as he obediently took out his point card. There was a flash of light, and then the card was returned to him.

The two students disappeared, and that young master went back to quietly stand in line.

Wei Tianchong was sweating from the sight. "Traps everywhere, everywhere! This isn't some cultivator academy! It's an academy of fraudsters."

Quite a few people lost points because they couldn't stand in line. Thankfully, it was only one point. The only problem was that the line was simply too long.

Wei Tianchong's group had to wait for ages to finally get their food. But when he saw the food he had received, he immediately shouted, "What the hell is this?"

It consisted of a bowl of brown rice, two pieces of salted meat, a few cauliflowers, and a bowl of broth.

Even Shi Meng gasped at this sight.

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Translator Notes

Godhead Palace has its eyes on Tang Jie! But it seems like it's not too much attention yet.

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