Chapter 11: Only Seeking a Free and Unfettered Life
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 11: Only Seeking a Free and Unfettered Life

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Whether Tang Jie was willing or not, he was set to study the Dao of Formations.

Thus, in the following days, in addition to cultivating the Visceral Manifestation Classic, Tang Jie learned about formations from Xu Muyang. Fortunately, all he had to occupy him every day was washing meridians, and he did not need to cultivate, so he had time enough.

"The Dao of Formations is the use of techniques to resonate with the will of the heavens. Thus, to master the Dao of Formations, one must understand the will of the heavens…"

In today's class, Xu Muyang was lecturing Tang Jie on formations and the concept of natural evolution.

Xu Muyang said that the will of the heavens was present in all things within the world, every blade of grass and tree having its reason to exist. For this reason, Xu Muyang's Dao of Formations emphasized natural evolution, following one's heart and making the best of new situations.

This meant that the same formation in different environments could differ in how it was laid out, and its effect and power would also change.

To take that small bewildering formation as an example, if it had been used in another area, it would have needed to be laid out in a different way and would have had a different effect.

Of course, this was not absolutely necessary, but to lay out a formation in this way was the most natural and would have the greatest power.

For formations, nature served as the best cover.

Unlike cultivators, formations drew directly on the spiritual energy of the world and possessed incredible power, so cultivators could not recklessly step into them. Thus, a formation that could not hide its existence was a bad formation. Xu Muyang was an expert in his field. All of the formations he laid down were basically undetectable before triggering. That golden-armored god he had been battling with had utterly failed to notice the existence of the Eight Gates Heavenseal Formation, and if not for his prodigious strength, he would have died within that formation.

Besides this, one also had to be skilled at observing one's environment and identifying what could be used.

"Don't look at mountains as mountains or water as water. Every existence in this world, if used properly, can become a formation eye, a formation line, or a formation gate. Ordinary people are ignorant, and frequently use spirit materials as the basis, but this loses the original meaning of the Dao of Formations," Xu Muyang said with a sigh.

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