Chapter 32: Choosing a Sect (I)
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 32: Choosing a Sect (I)

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

The Heart Demon Aspiration was something that every servant student needed to make before entering school. The clans were not fool enough to take them at their word.

A Heart Demon Aspiration was far more binding than a verbal promise.

When it came to Heart Demon Aspirations, there were great aspirations, minor aspirations, and non-aspirations. Tang Jie's oath to destroy Godhead Palace was a great aspiration, while Xu Muyang's desire to end the karmic debt he owed to Tang Jie for saving him could not even be considered an aspiration, so it was called a non-aspiration.

Non-aspirations were like opening up a store for the day. Success or failure, it was just business with one or two customers and wouldn't have much effect, and it took an ordinary amount of effort.

Minor aspirations were like signing a purchasing contract with a company. Each contract had a lot on the line. A lost contract wouldn't be fatal, but it would have serious consequences and could not be taken lightly.

Great aspirations were like large contracts that the fate of the company hinged on. A failed contract would lead to the bank asking for repayment, cash flow problems, and ultimately, closure.

Thus, great aspirations were not to be made lightly, but declaring a great aspiration could also strengthen one's Dao Heart, erecting a foundation for the heart that would make one's path to cultivation smoother.

This was the nature of aspirations.

Aspirations had nature, but they also had contents.

"I declare my great aspiration: to eat meat with every meal from now on!"

Such absurd contents could be called a great aspiration, but there was no point, and it would bring no benefit, only trouble.

As for an aspiration like "I declare my great aspiration: to destroy Godhead Palace," this was an aspiration of extermination. It would bring Tang Jie no benefits when it came to cultivation, but when he faced off against the people of Godhead Palace, he would obtain some kind of external aid, but as for how it would manifest, it d

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Translator Notes

Ah, more world-building. And a look at how mortals navigate a world of cultivators.

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