Chapter 33: Choosing a Sect (2)
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 33: Choosing a Sect (2)

"To understand a sect's resources, the simplest method is also the most effective: looking at its history. The greatest difference between a major sect and a minor sect is in their Immortal arts. To understand which one has the better Immortal arts, you can't listen to what they say. You have to look at their past. Sects can decline, but their Immortal arts will remain. If a sect has produced a Violet Palace True Lord in its history, then that means that the sect does not have a problem when it comes to arts. Even if this sect has, for some reason or another, lost its high-level arts, at least there is no problem with its low-level arts, and in the future, you can just cultivate a different art. But if they've never produced a True Lord… you have to be careful."

Saying this, Tang Jie produced another piece of paper. "Take this Furious Sword Gate noted here. It once had a resplendent period where it produced numerous Celestial Heart Realm experts that swept over the opposition. But this Furious Sword Gate has never produced a Violet Palace True Lord. Those peerless geniuses of the Furious Sword Gate ultimately stopped at the peak of the Celestial Heart Realm, none of them able to make that critical step. Some of them even died in the attempt. This means that there is a problem with this sect's arts. If you cultivate it, you might not even have a chance to start over. Of course, it might just be that their luck was bad, but on a matter like this, it's better to be safe than sorry."

In truth, the Xu Clan was a classic example. The clan's Immortal arts were limited, and if there was a problem with one's foundation, then no matter how talented one was, one would never be able to surpass the Celestial Heart Realm.

Fortunately for them, the Celestial Heart Realm was enough to muddle through in the Rosecloud Domain, which was why the Xu Clan was still okay. But for those people who were set on the Great Dao, to have hope and to be able to realize one's hopes were two completely different things.

For arts like those of the

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Translator Notes

Future romantic interest maybe? Also it feels like the author wrote a book for all this world building, or at least a very long text document.

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