Chapter 14: The Basking Moon Sect
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 14: The Basking Moon Sect

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

The vicious winds finally died down.

The spiritual energy had vanished from Xu Muyang's body, which thudded to the ground.

Once the light was gone, a downpour of spiritual rain descended. This was all of the spiritual energy that Xu Muyang had absorbed, now returning to nature.

When an Immortal passed, a hundred spirits were born.

When an Immortal was born, a hundred spirits vanished.

This was an unchanging principle of the cultivation world.

The relationship between the cultivation world and the natural world was like that between night and day, in a constant cycle of creation and destruction.

When a cultivator died, it would mean that a pure land of spiritual light would be born. Similarly, when a powerful cultivator emerged, a large amount of resources would be consumed, and perhaps even countless mountains and rivers would disappear.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

But to Xu Ruogu, while spiritual energy was cyclical, there was no getting back a lost life. Spiritual rain fell on his body, shoulders, and face, turning into tears.

"Little Brother…" Xu Ruogu silently wept.

"Bastard!" Shi Wunian furiously roared.

Xu Muyang had detonated his Celestial Heart, and while the Heaven Earth Barrier had prevented him from taking too much physical damage, his dignity had been severely damaged. This was no different from a vicious slap to the face.

What did it matter that he was a Violet Palace True Lord?

Xu Muyang had still left him with nothing.

He Chong charged out and searched Xu Muyang's body, but he found nothing.

His face ghastly pale, he turned to Shi Wunian and said in a trembling voice, "Aspirational Lord… The Martial Mirror isn't on him… "

Shi Wunian gasped.

He had come on this trip precisely to get back the Profound Martial Mirror, never imagining that Xu Muyang might not have it.

After all, it was a rare treasure that was the key to opening the formation. Anyone who got it would be unwilling to part ways with it. Only now that he recalled Xu Muyang's words did he realize that he might have made a grave mistake.

Xu Muyang had not been lying. Half a year was enough time for him to do many things!

"Search! This is the foundation of Godhead Palace's prosperity! Even if you have to search the heavens and the earth, you will get the Martial Mirror back!" Shi Wunian lost his bearing as he chillingly spoke, his savage visage infused with an indescribable terror.

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Translator Notes

A little look into the sect politics of this world. And it seems like Tang Jie is now a wanted fugitive!

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