Chapter 15: Pursuit
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 15: Pursuit

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Anyang Prefecture was particularly lively tonight.

First, Xu Muyang had detonated his Celestial Heart, sending energy skyward. Afterward, Shi Wunian and Xiao Biehan had gotten into a big fight, battling from Windscreen Ford all the way to the summit of Rainbow Cloud. For the entire night, the people of Anyang Prefecture could see gouts of flame in the sky and hear rumbles of thunder.

Shockwaves of spiritual energy stirred up storms that wreaked havoc across Anyang Prefecture, destroying nearly one hundred civilian homes and flattening the hills around Windscreen Ford.

Even so, it wouldn't be long before life returned.

The vanished grass and trees would grow back, and the hills and mountains would gradually recover through the use of spell arts.

This was how things were in the cultivation world. The land would experience a cycle of restoration and destruction because of cultivators. Rivers' changing course and mountains' rising and disappearing were commonplace.

Cultivators could enter seclusion for one hundred years, and when they finally emerged, the world would have changed.

Thus, while battles between cultivators might have been bitterly fought, battles causing the sun and moon to grow dark and blood to bathe the heavens, when the battle ended, ancient battlefields would often become gathering points of spiritual energy and prosper.

If some ancient great power died, the land would be blessed for ten thousand li, and in time, a powerful sect would be born.

Of course, there were also great powers who would not die in a timely fashion and who would seal all of their power into a spiritual land. The Ninedark Martial Lord was an example of this sort. It was precisely because no one had discovered his spiritual land for ten thousand years that the formation had finally begun to fail, allowing a small amount of spiritual energy and good fortune to leak out, thus drawing in countless people greedy for its power.

Shi Wunian was in no mood to mess around with Xiao Biehan, as the Martial

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Translator Notes

Two major sects can't even catch a twelve-year-old boy, how embarrassing!

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