Chapter 16: Ling Province
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 16: Ling Province

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Ling Province, Canglong Prefecture.

Sageheart had twelve provinces, and in terms of area, Ling Province was ranked fourth. In terms of spiritual energy, Ling Province was ranked tenth. But economically, Ling Province was ranked second.

This place was located in the south of Sageheart, and like Qiong Province, it was located in the far east. Geographically, however, it was located close to Cloudlock Isle, forming with it an important cape called Boundless Cape. 

Setting out from Boundless Cape and sailing along the coast, one could reach the Endsea Kingdom in thirty days.

Endsea and Sageheart were not connected by land, but they were linked by ocean routes. The sea route meant that this place was a major nexus of maritime trade, making Ling Province the most important economic province for the Sageheart Kingdom. Thus, even though Ling Province lacked in spiritual energy, it had a status that could not be ignored.

Canglong Prefecture was where the provincial headquarters of Ling Province was located, and it was the most bustling place in the entire province. This place had the Sageheart Kingdom's largest ships, its most high-class restaurants, its most luxurious inns, and its most beautiful women.

A boy was confidently walking its long avenues. It was none other than Tang Jie.

He had not listened to Xu Muyang and gone north. Rather, as soon as he had left Anyang Prefecture, he had turned around and headed south.

Xu Muyang had told him to go north because Basking Moon Academy was in the north, and he had wanted Tang Jie to seek instruction there. But Tang Jie knew that since Godhead Palace had not gotten the Profound Martial Mirror, it would not let Tang Jie go. As he was traveling alone, his trail would be too obvious. Thus, after making a feint, he had changed course, sticking to small paths and traveling only at night. 

It was a simple trick, but very useful.

No one expected a twelve-year-old to play this sort of trick, and the pursuers had mostly gone north. Only a very small nu

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Translator Notes

As a reader, I appreciate all the world-building the author does. As a translator, I sometimes lament that I have to translate it all lol.

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