Chapter 17: Gu Changqing
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 17: Gu Changqing

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

An inn in Anyang Prefecture.

A slender young man in golden fighting clothes with straight eyebrows and bright eyes stood in front of Shi Wunian. He bowed to him and said, "Gu Changqing of the Hawk Hall pays respects to Aspirational Lord! And pays respects to these two True Persons."

"There is no need for such courtesy." Shi Wunian waved his hand, indicating that the man should sit down. "Thank you for coming from so far away."

"Aspirational Lord, thank you for your concern. Your disciple brought twelve capable men from the Hawk Hall with him and is ready for Aspirational Lord's orders."

"On the matter of seeking out the Martial Mirror, I would like to hear your opinion… I presume that you already know about the matter?"

"Yes, this disciple read through all the files on the way here."

"What is your view?"

"There is no solution to this problem," the young man answered.

"Mm?" Shi Wunian raised an eyebrow.

This Gu Changqing appeared unafraid, only saying, "With the trouble Xiao Biehan has caused, we have already missed out on the best time to catch that boy. The heavens and earth are vast, the people as vast as the sea. As we did not catch him in the last few months, even if we have a few more years, even decades, we still might not be able to catch him… We've never even seen his face before."

"Don't we have the name?"

"In the Sageheart Kingdom, there are thousands of people with the name 'Tang Jiye'. Besides that, a name is something that can be changed whenever one pleases. If we rely only on the name, we probably won't be able to find anything."

"And the portrait?" Xu Ruogu asked.

"Even more useless," Gu Changqing rudely answered. "Oral descriptions are only useful when the subject in question has obvious physical features. For example, a face with a mole, a bald head, or some other natural trait. But if they're an ordinary person, a portrait is unable to identify anyone."

Everyone fell silent. Portraits were already somewhat different from the real person, and when one considered tha

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Translator Notes

Tang Jie's adversary from Godhead Palace has appeared! But of course, that's only if Tang Jie can actually get into Basking Moon Academy.

Novel Notes

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