Chapter 81: Seclusion
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 81: Seclusion

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Xie Fengtang didn't dare to believe his ears.

He stared at Tang Jie. "You said you memorized three spells?"

"To be more precise, three and a half," Tang Jie replied.

He wasn't worried about shocking anyone, directly stating that he had learned three and a half.

The reason he did so was that he would eventually have to use the spell arts he had learned. If he said that he had only memorized one, then he would only be able to use one in the future. How would he explain things if he then used a second?

Since that was the case, he might as well make himself a genius. My memorization ability is just that good! What about it?

Other people could have nine-cycle Jade Gates, so why couldn't he have the talent of incredible memory?

He had said "three and a half" because Tang Jie estimated that this was about what he could accomplish in the next ten years.

The spell arts of the Divine Firmament Sword Classic couldn't be compared to the spell arts of the floors below. Each one was deep and broad and could be used all the way to Celestial Heart or Violet Palace without a problem, growing stronger alongside the user.

But for the same reason, these spell arts were extremely difficult to cultivate.

Unlike pure spells like the Aqualight Shroud, the spell arts of the Divine Firmament Sword Classic were not solely spell arts. They also had their specific cultivation mantra. Only when one reached a certain proficiency in the mantra could one use the spell arts at their full effectiveness.

Thus, Tang Jie estimated that mastering three spells in ten years was already pretty good. He said "three and a half" to leave himself a back-up in case he progressed faster than expected. If he needed to add an extra spell, he could just shout, "I finally remember everything regarding the fourth spell!" Thus, the half spell would become a full spell.

The memory formation had recorded more than just these spell arts, of course, and so most of them would be wasted, but… who would care?

Just keeping them there to look a

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Wei Tianchong is such a reasonable young master.

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