Chapter 80: Art Transmission
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 80: Art Transmission

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

After the trip to Wanquan City, life went back to normal. Like clockwork, every day, the students went to class, got off class, and cultivated. The cycle repeated monotonously and mechanically.

The grades for the examination came out three days later.

As expected, Tang Jie got first place.

At times, Tang Jie wondered whether he had achieved this ranking through his own power or Xie Fengtang had cheated for him.

But this wasn't important.

What was important was that on the day he was announced as the top scorer, Basking Moon Academy announced something else: as the top scorer of the exam, Student Tang Jie would gain the privilege of entering the ninth floor of Heaven One Pavilion once.

The academy exploded into an uproar at this news.

Everyone knew that there would be an additional special reward for this exam besides a bottle of lifespan-extending pills, but nobody had expected the reward to be this good.

The ninth floor of Heaven One! The Violet Jade Mantra and the Divine Firmament Sword Classic!

The two core secret arts of the Basking Moon Sect were opened to Tang Jie.

Once again, Tang Jie became the hot topic. Everyone called Tang Jie lucky, and so "Mad Student Tang Jie" now had "Heaven's Chosen Tang Jie" as a companion.

In the Rosecloud Domain, there was no such thing as a Son of Heaven or a child of fortune. The Heavenly Dao favored no one, and the people did not support such things like the will of the heavens. This would only be rejecting the efforts of others and attributing everything to the old heavens.

If that were so, what would be the point in cultivation?

But this didn't stop them from bestowing special halos on particularly lucky people.

Of course, in the eyes of certain other people, this matter meant something entirely different.

The favor of Basking Moon Academy and the opening of Heaven One's ninth floor indicated a change in Tang Jie's status, and with this change in status, the pressure on Gu Changqing suddenly increased.

He received a secret missive from Godhead P

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Translator Notes

Tang Jie understands that taking the straight and narrow isn't going to get him ahead in life! When life doesn't give you advantages, you have to make your own!

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