Chapter 79: Selling Stolen Goods
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 79: Selling Stolen Goods

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Once everyone was full of wine and food, Tang Jie suggested a free period so that all of them could stroll the streets and buy anything they wanted to take back.

Everyone was in support of this idea. Shopping had always been an important part of sightseeing, and so long as they weren't being forced to spend, everyone was happy to take part.

After setting a time and location to meet up, everyone dispersed.

Tang Jie naturally traveled together with Wei Tianchong, but midway, Tang Jie used the excuse of buying a vase to leave first.

Once he was away from everyone else, Tang Jie walked the streets. He seemed to be alone, admiring the scenery, but there was a little head at his chest that was curiously looking around.

With no more students around, little Yiyi could finally get some air.

Her eyes were glowing as she took in the sights of the outside world. "Wow! The outside is so big… so pretty!"

Tang Jie chuckled and whispered, "Yes, the outside world is very big and very pretty… but be careful. Don't poke your head out too far."

He lightly pressed Yiyi's head back into his clothes. Fortunately, the style of clothes worn in this era was very loose and spacious, so there was no fear of suffocating her.

Hiding in his clothes, Yiyi grumbled, "Can I still not come out? I really want to go out and take a look around. Big Brother, haven't they already gone?"

Tang Jie stopped on the street and looked at the distant scenery. As if he was talking to himself, he softly said, "The ones out in the open left, but not necessarily the ones in the shadows."

"The shadows?" Yiyi didn't understand. She furtively looked around and softly asked, "Is someone following us?"

After spending so much time with Tang Jie, the little lass had gradually begun to realize the dangers around Tang Jie. While Tang Jie had yet to officially tell those secrets to Yiyi, he had not tried to hide them from her. Even an innocent little girl would slowly begin to understand what was going on. 

"Mm, perhaps," Tang Jie replied.


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Translator Notes

The real excuse for this outing: laundering stolen loot!

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