Chapter 78: Young Schoolmates (2)
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 78: Young Schoolmates (2)

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Whether it was due to Tang Jie speaking or the appearance of Qi Shaoming and An Rumeng, the Freedom Society members suddenly lost interest.

After visiting the long dike, the schoolmates stopped their sightseeing, instead going to a nearby restaurant to eat.

The owner had sharp eyes and could tell by glancing at their uniforms that these were students from Basking Moon Academy. He quickly escorted them up to the private room on the upper floor.

Cai Junyang was the most straightforward of all. The moment the alcohol was served, he raised his cup and loudly said, "That we met means we share some destiny together. As fellow schoolmates, let us share a toast!"

"A toast!"

"A toast!"

"A toast!"

All of the students called out, even the girls, and they downed their cups of wine.

As the wine entered their bellies, the restaurant soon grew lively.

Cai Junyang was definitely the one with the best alcohol tolerance among them, and he had a very bold personality, so the students were soon being dragged into drinking contests with him, and even after three or four had fallen, he was still completely fine. If Tang Jie hadn't obstinately refused, Cai Junyang wouldn't have spared him either.

Once one large jar of wine had been finished, Cai Junyang felt even bolder. He stood on the top floor of the restaurant and shouted out, "Basking Moon Student Cai Junyang sets down his resolve before Full Moon Tower! Today, I am a student who diligently cultivates the sword so that I might walk the world with sword in hand… One day, I, Cai Junyang, will make the entire Rosecloud Domain know my name!"

"Good!" Everyone clapped their hands and shouted.

"Just parroting the words of another," Cai Junyang said, his head wavering a little from intoxication. "Brother Tang's declaration in front of Basking Moon Academy—that's what can truly be called heroic. Now…"

He belched. "It's a little late."

"It also depends on the sort of person," Hua Yang said with a sneer. "Given Brother Cai's talent and strength, when you say suc

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Ah yes, this poem again. I can't seem to escape it.

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