Chapter 90: Record
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 90: Record

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

The Seven Celestial Halls.

Tang Jie suddenly appeared in front of a hall. He staggered backward, his face as white as a sheet.

Cough… Tang Jie spat out a mouthful of blood. "The last ten points are really difficult to get."

He took out the jade token and looked at it. It said that he had 91 points.

But Tang Jie knew that this one extra point had been gotten in exchange for an injury. This one extra round of beating he had endured had caused him to vomit blood. If he had tried to endure another one after that, he might have been beaten to death.

The elder wasn't here, so Tang Jie moved to the side to rest.

With nothing else to do, he looked at the record wall next to him.

The record wall recorded the grades of the students. The formation on the wall was linked to the jade tokens held by all the students. When the score on the token changed, the ranking on the wall would also change.

On the wall that recorded the rankings for Celestial Defense Hall of this year's class, Tang Jie held the top spot, so his ranking didn't change. His score simply went from 90 to 91.

In second place was Qi Shaoming, with 83 points.

"He's catching up rather quickly," Tang Jie frowned.

If he recalled correctly, Qi Shaoming had only had 80 points yesterday. In just one day, he had gotten three more points.

Further down was a student called Fang Zhi who Tang Jie had never seen before.

On this wall, there was one name that was even higher than Tang Jie: Cang Qingfeng.

There was a note under it:

"Cang Qingfeng, a student of the 442nd class, current record holder of Celestial Defense Hall's Spirit Spring Tier, lasting a total of thirty-five seconds."

"Cang Qingfeng, thirty-five seconds…" Tang Jie furrowed his brow.

According to the rules of the Seven Celestial Halls, each puppet represented ten points. The first ten points were the easiest to get, attained as soon as the puppet started attacking. After that, it depended on how long one could last. If one could last until the tenth puppet entered the battle, one got one hundred points.

But how long one could last would depend on one's ability, and each additional second would be a record.

Basking Moon Academy's Seven Celestial Halls had existed for one thousand years, so these records were always being broken. Thus, the records on these walls were actually the best records left by countless elites over one thousand years.

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Translator Notes

Tang Jie has suddenly become such a kind and generous soul! Surely, he must be feeling some of that holiday spirit (even though Christmas isn't actually a thing in this pseudo-Chinese fantasy land).

Novel Notes

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