Chapter 89: A Chance
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 89: A Chance

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Tang Jie wasn't going to be polite now that he had already shown his ability.

Starting from this day, Tang Jie officially began his life of training on the sparring ground. While he never actually used the Formless Golden Body, he didn't keep any of his other tricks hidden.

The Divine Battleground might have been the cruelest place in the academy. The students bitterly fought over the limited resources available, displaying all their abilities. They would strike with savagery, and injuries were commonplace.

It wasn't rare for students to resort to extreme methods such as the kind Qiu Jing's crew had employed against their opponents. If someone thought that they could win if they were just strong enough, then they were gravely mistaken.

Even the likes of Qi Shaoming, An Rumeng, Cai Junyang, and Shu Mingyang had losses recorded on the Divine Battleground.

As for Tang Jie, though he had gotten first place on the first day, starting from the next day, he did not have such an easy time.

After losing to Cai Junyang, Tang Jie fought nine more matches, winning five and losing four.

One of the four who beat him was none other than Shu Mingyang.

Unlike Cai Junyang, Shu Mingyang had learned as many as eighteen spells. With all these spells, he naturally couldn't cast them as quickly as Tang Jie and the others could cast theirs, but he was skilled in talismans. In every match, he was certain to use talismans, unleashing a plethora of spells that left Tang Jie dizzy and confused.

But Tang Jie quickly managed to counter Cai and Shu with a painful blow.

On the third day, Tang Jie designed his tactics specifically to counter Cai and Shu. For Shu Mingyang, he used a rapid offensive, while against Cai Junyang, he put up a hard wall of defense, thus defeating both of them.

But people soon began to target him… The battles went on in this intense and exciting fashion, and it was only in this phase that Tang Jie truly interacted with the experts of the academy—there were always those people who didn't

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