Chapter 88: Contest
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 88: Contest

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Tang Jie had had Wei Tianchong grab that pile of scrap metal primarily to see if he could use the Weapon Mantra on broken weapons to refine them.

The results of the experiment left Tang Jie greatly disappointed.

The broken weapons could be broken down even more by the Weapon Mantra, but this would not produce the golden particle.

Tang Jie realized that the Weapon Mantra's weapon condensing could probably only be used on complete weapons.

But why did that have to be the case?

Tang Jie didn't know.

The Weapon Mantra was the most incredible spell art he had ever seen, its underlying principles so thoroughly different from the spells present that Tang Jie found it impossible to comprehend its secrets.

But the golden grain that came from Ye Xing's war hammer was a pleasant surprise for Tang Jie.

This golden grain was clearly bigger than the one from the Violet Flame Sword.

Ye Xing's war hammer had been a middle-grade spell weapon, meaning that the higher the grade of the shattered weapon was, the more golden grains he could obtain.

Once he had this golden grain join the rest, the resultant golden grain was much larger.

After solemnly putting it away, Tang Jie began his daily cultivation.

The next morning, Cai Junyang and Liu Hongyan paid him a visit.

Cai Junyang shouted as soon as he arrived, "Tang Jie, you rascal, I thought you were more loyal than that! Yesterday, you suddenly rushed over to the Divine Battleground and got first place. Were you striking when our guard was down? We were waiting for you for ages, but you only ran over when we weren't there?"

Tang Jie laughed. "How could I dare to fight with all of you? If I didn't go when you weren't there, who knows when I would be able to get first place?"

"Don't try that with me. Come, come, let's go." Cai Junyang grabbed Tang Jie.

"Go where?" Tang Jie asked.

"Where else? The Divine Battleground, naturally. I'm going to have a proper fight with you!" Cai Junyang energetically declared.

He had come to the Divine Battleground several times and had gotten into the top five three times. His best placing was second, and he had yet to get first. He hadn't expected Tang Jie to immediately get first place on his first appearance, and he naturally couldn't accept such things and needed to have a match.

Tang Jie bitterly smiled. "But we have to pull each other, which isn't guaranteed."

"Don't even try to make an excuse. As if I don't know how you managed to get matched with those guys yesterday! You've already been evaluated as a Fierce Brave, so we're going when there are few other Fierce Braves on the battleground, meaning that we can get matched against each other."

The academy had five categories for fighters on the battleground: Peerless, Fierce Brave, Tenacious, Ordinary, and Incompetent.

Incompetents were those who lost many times in a row, with their win percentage being less than 10%. The Ordinary were those who lost more than they won, with win percentages of 50% or lower. The Tenacious were t

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Translator Notes

Tang Jie might be throwing fights against Cai Junyang, but that doesn't mean he's going to go easy on arrogant young masters!

Novel Notes

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