Chapter 53: The Secret
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 53: The Secret

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Once Tang Jie had chosen his starting cultivation technique, Wei Tianchong finally made his choice.

The Lesser Sea Spiral Essence Mantra.

This mantra also established the Spirit Eye at the Lesser Sea point, but it didn't have any other special attributes. It was just that once one cultivated it, one would have a constant and long-term stream of spiritual energy, so it was more suitable for protracted battles.

The Lesser Sea served as the number one Spirit Eye location for the Basking Moon Sect, and most students would normally choose this point. Only a few students, who had specific requirements or goals, would take other paths.

The Lesser Sea Spiral Essence Mantra was the easiest of the Lesser Sea mantras.

In truth, Wei Tianchong simply wanted the best and easiest technique.

As for Shi Meng, he chose the Water Spring Reflection Mantra.

The Water Spring point favored nourishment and not battle. Those who cultivated this mantra often had long lives and could easily advance in cultivation, and when they used spells like the Returning Spring spell, the results would be better. Shi Meng was clearly set on increasing his cultivation level and not competing with anyone.

He had average aptitude, so he chose his technique in the hopes of advancing in cultivation. Many geniuses were too conceited and would often choose paths that weren't suitable for them, ending up even worse off than average people.

80% of the Rosecloud Domain's "good-for-nothing" Spirit Masters were like Shi Meng, including Spirit Master Lu. They sought easy and steady advancement.

In addition, the Water Spring Mantras actually did have the ability to control water and were suitable for studying Water element spells and arts. While the Lesser Sea Mantras also belonged to the element of Water, in those mantras, the Water element was used for tempering and not for application.

With the Water Spring Mantra as his foundation, Shi Meng would have a much easier time learning Water spells and arts that could be used to clean t

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What's a rich kid to do if he doesn't have servants to work for him? No wonder the powerful clans need servant students!

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